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Magento 2 Database Configuration File (local.xml)

We have been familiar with the database configuration file in Magento 1, which is /app/etc/local.xml

In Magento 2, however, many people struggle finding the same file, because the equivalent file has been renamed to env.php, although it is in the same directory (/app/etc/). So the file path is now: /app/etc/env.php.

In this file, we can find many useful stuff, including:

  • Database connection information
    ‘host’ => ‘localhost’, ‘dbname’ => ‘magento2database’, ‘username’ => ‘some-sample-username’, ‘password’ => ‘Extremely-Complicated-Password-12345’, ‘model’ => ‘mysql4’, ‘engine’ => ‘innodb’, ‘initStatements’ => ‘SET NAMES utf8;’, ‘active’ => ‘1’,
  • Backend path
    By default, your Magento backend login path is /admin/. If you want to change this path, you can do it here.
  • Cache types
    The env.php file allows you to specify what types of caching are enabled in your system.
    ‘config’ => 1, ‘layout’ => 1, ‘block_html’ => 1, ‘view_files_fallback’ => 1, ‘view_files_preprocessing’ => 1, ‘collections’ => 1, ‘db_ddl’ => 1, ‘eav’ => 1, ‘full_page’ => 1, ‘translate’ => 1, ‘config_integration’ => 1, ‘config_integration_api’ => 1, ‘config_webservice’ => 1,

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