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Top 10 Best Magento 2 Invoice Extensions for B2B Order Processing

Don’t be misled that a small transaction does not need an automated process. All e-commerce businesses can benefit from Magento 2 invoice extension. However, the crowded market can make merchants confused.

Hence, this post will summarize the top 10 to save your time and clarify the importance of these extensions based on: features, reviews, pricing, and more!

Why Is Magento 2 Invoice Extension Important?

The significant benefit of the Magento 2 invoice extension is that it saves a lot of time for store owners by automating order processing. Especially for small-scale businesses or working teams, this time-saving process will enhance both store performance and customer satisfaction.

Wonder how Magento 2 invoice extension affects the shopping experience? In fact, it encourages online retailers to provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

Your customer will no longer wait for confirmation. Instead, they will receive a detailed email with the invoice and shipment information after the order is done. Customers may be astounded by your service, increasing future sales.

More than that, many stores mislead that paper processing will save cost. However, it can increase manual errors and other risks. Thus, instead of wasting time and money on fixing, use that time to make revenue!

Last but not least, Magento 2 invoice extension is a straightforward but valuable tool for helping online businesses build their branding. The new designs will include all crucial brand elements, such as your logo, address, QR code, etc., as opposed to a standard invoice, making it more straightforward for customers to recognize your brand.

After knowing clearly about the essential benefits of invoice extension, let’s move to the top 10 best modules in the market now! 

Top 10 Best Magento 2 Invoice Extensions

1. Magento 2 Auto Invoice by BSS Commerce

BSS magento 2 auto invoice

The first on the list is Magento 2 Auto Invoice by BSS Commerce. This module benefits by automatically creating invoices, shipments when a customer places an order, and so much more.

Specifically, you can reduce manual work and errors by enabling invoices and shipments sent to customers. It can also be attached with a PDF file without any third-party extension. Besides, this module supports multiple payment methods, so you can quickly select various online and offline ones that match your demand and customer behavior.

To secure online payment, Magento 2 Auto Invoice also offer three capture status, including:

  • Capture Online
  • Capture Offline
  • Not Capture

Highlight Features:

  • Automatic invoices and shipments generation when customers place an order in the front-end
  • Send an email to the customer immediately after the order is done. Also, the module provides a built-in email template. 
  • Freely choose whether to attach a PDF file to the invoice/ shipment email. 
  • Support multiple payment methods, including all offline payment methods and third-party ones. 
  • Easily change invoice status.
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group to enhance checkout process. 

Pricing: $79

  • 1-year support
  • Free lifetime update
  • Free installation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

2. Magento 2 PDF Invoice by Mageplaza

mageplaza pdf invoice

Through Magento 2 PDF Invoice, you may produce eye-catching PDFs for your clients. Additionally, you can configure a button in the backend to enable your online store to email customers automatically and attach PDF invoices. 

You can also pick from various user-friendly languages for your website for your visitors.

Compared to the previous one, this module has flexibility in choosing a PDF template. However, its cost is pretty higher than others with similar features. So you can consider whether you need it since the ultimate goal of a PDF file is to confirm with the customer. 

Highlight Features:

  • Easy to customize PDF file templates
  • Automatically attach PDF file to an email sent.
  • Support Barcode and QR code for billing documents or items.
  • Download and print PDF files in bulk 

Pricing: $199

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 365-day support
  • Frequent update

3. Magento 2 Auto Invoice & Shipment by Meetanshi

magento 2 auto invoice & shipment

Despite many functionalities, Magento 2’s default configuration lacks automation for billing and shipments. Once an order has been completed, store owners must manually prepare invoices and shipping. 

When a store receives many orders, this process takes a long time and decreases productivity. Thus, Magento 2 Auto Invoice & Shipment by Meetanshi can be an ideal way to automate the billing and shipping processes.

You can create an endless number of invoices and shipments using Magento 2 Auto Invoice & Shipment. Following that, you can improve trust among customers with immediate invoices.

Highlight Features:

  • Automatically generate invoices & shipments
  • Provide several payment options
  • Auto change order status when complete.

Pricing: $39 for the first year and $23.40 for renewing the subscription from next year.

  • 1-year updates
  • 1-year support
  • 30 days’ money back

4. Magento 2 Auto Invoice & Shipment Extension by Plumrocket

Magento 2 Auto Shipment & Invoice extension helps you to save a ton of time on manual payment transaction processing. Following the completion of the order, this module will automatically prepare and send an invoice and shipment to your customers.

Despite not having a PDF file attached to the email, this module is compatible with the third-party PDF invoice extensions. Thus, you can integrate with other extensions if needed. 

More than that, any Magento 2 third-party theme will operate flawlessly with this plugin. It supports all themes, whether they are your unique creations or well-known ones like Ultimo, Porto, Pearl, etc.

Highlight Features:

  • Automatic invoice & shipments creation
  • Generate invoices and shipments based on flexible Magento rules and conditions such as an address, payment methods, order total, SKU, customer groups, etc. 
  • Easily add comments to an automatic email sent.

Pricing: $69

  • Free 3-month support
  • 60-day money back
  • Free lifetime updates

5. Auto Invoice and Shipment by Amasty

Like other Magento 2 invoice extensions in this list, Auto Invoice and Shipment by Amasty offer you the ability to configure and create invoices and shipments as soon as a customer places an order. 

Furthermore, the module automatically allows you to send default invoice emails to admins and customers. These emails will be delivered automatically when the order and payment are completed.

Highlight Features:

  • Create invoice and shipment as soon as customer places order
  • Configure from admin dashboard without any coding requirement
  • Support multiple payment methods
  • Timely inform customers with email notifications

Pricing: $89 for the first year and then $55/ year.

  • 12-month updates and support 

6. PDF Invoice For Magento 2 by MageAnts

This extension has a functional and user-friendly UI. E-commerce merchants can create their templates with PDF Invoices for Magento 2. Besides, a custom invoice created with Magento 2 allows you to express your creativity and customize the invoice however you choose.

Customizing a PDF invoice’s appearance can be challenging, requiring time, patience, and technical know-how. This necessitates that you recruit a different tech expert for the job. Luckily, there is yet another option available. With some familiarity with HTML and CSS, Magento 2 Invoice PDF enables you to alter or edit invoice PDF easily.

Highlight Features:

  • Create and customize attractive PDF invoices, orders, shipment and credit memo designs.
  • Print invoice, order, shipment and credit memo
  • Generate PDF from order, invoice, shipment, and credit memo grids.
  • Allow your customers to download order PDF.
  • Compatible with multi-language and RTL – LTR scripts.

Pricing: $99

  • 30-days money back
  • Free update 

7. PDF Customiser (Magento 2) by Fooman

PDF Customiser, designed for Magento 2, has robust options for customizing PDF templates. In addition to 7 built-in layouts, you have more than 60 options to create the PDF file. By adding your branding book, your customers will easily recognize your store and build awareness among the public.

More than that, unlike other PDF extensions, this module offers complete support for tax information. For example, you can effortlessly add business and tax numbers of customers by enabling the “ Display Full Tax Summary” feature.

Highlight Features:

  • Provide seven ready-to-use PDF templates.
  • Easily customize PDF template with 60+ options: logo, colors, font, language, text, image, etc.
  • Support adding ultra-flexible columns, including SKU, QR codes, checkboxes, and product attributes.
  • Offer full tax support

Pricing: $149

  • 12-month support
  • 30-day money back

8. Auto Invoice by MageArray

auto invoice Magearray

Auto Invoice by MageArray has been designed with fundamental features that can easily be configured for beginners. Compared to other auto invoice extensions in this list, it doesn’t support generating shipments. 

Besides, this module will auto-change order status after sending an email. However, order status won’t be changed for order values greater than zero. 

Instead of using this module independently, we suggest you integrate it with a PDF extension to better control order processing. 

Highlight Features:

  • Auto change order status
  • Quickly generate invoice email as soon as customers place an order, including notifying them of zero order total.

Pricing: $49

  • 30-day money back
  • Lifetime free update
  • Lifetime free support

9. M2 PDF Invoices by SwissUpLabs

M2 pdf invoice

Are you seeking downloadable PDF invoice templates for Magento 2? You are in the proper location. You no longer need to be an expert to update the Magento invoice PDF template. M2 PDF Invoices by SwissUpLabs is here to make you feel at peace.

With this module, delivering material via PDF files is no longer an issue for store owners. The extension supports four types of PDF documents: invoice, order, shipment, and credit memo.

Highlight Features:

  • Provide ready-to-use PDF templates for invoices, orders, shipments and credit memos.
  • Easily modify template via HTML and CSS code.
  • Support QR code and barcode on PDF file.
  • Able to customize and add variables in the template.
  • Allow customers to print PDF files from the order page view.

Pricing: $79

  • Free installation

10. Magento 2 PDF Invoice by Landofcode

Magento 2 pdf invoice

For e-commerce merchants, Magento 2 PDF Invoice is a crucial tool for automatically sending PDF Invoice emails following any successful order. Additionally, this extension helps store administrators creatively create and modify PDF templates as needed to meet business requirements.

However, this module is not available yet. You have to contact Landofcode for requests if you want to use it.

Highlight Features:

  • Auto sends PDF invoices with eye-catching premade templates.
  • Support QR and barcode checking
  • Able to insert variables to PDF invoices.
  • Easily export data from the backend into an invoice.

Pricing: Request for more information

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free 12 months of support
  • Lifetime update

It’s Time To Try a Magento 2 Invoice Extension

This list has shown the top 10 best Magento 2 invoice extensions. You can also consider using two extensions because some standard auto invoice extension is not built-in with the attached PDF file.

Using Magento 2 PDF invoice extensions can speed up your workflow significantly. Moreover, you can also raise the satisfaction of your clients through an automated and rapid order process.

Suppose you require a complete extension. Magento 2 Auto Invoice by BSS Commerce can be an excellent example since it combines auto invoice and PDF functions.

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