With worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration reaching 73.4% in 2013 and over 90% by 2018 (Pew Research Center), it’s easy to understand why mobile marketing has been that hot in the marketer’s talks of 2014.

They are so familiar with the mobile terms such as responsive, native app, mobile sites…that it is now difficult to find a website without a mobile version which is told to be readable on all mobile screens. “Is that enough for marketing in 2015?“- this big question in the top CMOs’ mind has been answered by Forbes.

It is “Technology immersion” that will be the top trend in 2015. (Forbes, Dec 2014)

Technology has permeated into nearly every aspect of consumers’ lives and it will only continue to do so in 2015.

So which mobile technology you should grab up today to not be left behind tomorrow? If you are eager to know, don’t hesitate to download this 20 page paper. In this paper, I introduce 3 very basic but powerful mobile technologies that have helped thousands of small businesses to engage their marketing campaigns to mobile and they will help you, too. Leverage mobile technology for marketing The white paper has 5 main parts: 1. Report and experts’ prediction about mobile users globally

2. Reasons why you should leverage mobile technology for marketing activities 2015

3. QR code technology and practice from Polar Bear campaign of Coca-Cola

4. PUSH Notifications: 4 mistakes you may make while sending notification to customer’s mobile

5. Geo-location: how to target customers by location and learn from of ALOAudio, an US-based company.

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Leverage mobile technology for your marketing plan 2015
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