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As on the website store, we also need to configure the payment methods for our Magento mobile app. In the following steps, we will see how easy it is.
In fact, mobile payment methods are based on some of Magento’s standard payment methods, and we basically just need to enable them through Magento Admin Panel.

How to do it – Magento mobile payment checkout Configuring payment …

1. Log in to your Magento Admin area.
2. Navigate to Mobile | Manage apps in the main menu. A screen with listed magento mobile apps is shown, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

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Configure Magento mobile payment checkout  – SimiCart

3. Click on our Magento mobile app in the list to open the Edit App screen.
4. Navigate to the Payment Methods tab on the left-hand side to open the payments configuration screen:

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5. Choose the Standard Magento mobile payment checkout option:

With this option enabled, some of Magento’s default payment methods (which are enabled through the System | Configuration | Payment Methods area) will also become available in our magento mobile app.
For example, PayPal Direct, Autorize.Net, Check/Money Order, and so on.

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6. Choose the PayPal Mobile Express Checkout Library (MECL) option:

magento mobile app, mobile shopping app, magento mobile app builder

The MECL method is currently available for Android applications only and this option will not be shown for iPhone or iPad.
In order to enable it, the PayPal payment settings have to be pre-configured inside the System | Configuration area under the PayPal section.

7. Choose the PayPal Mobile Embedded Payment (MEP) option:

magento mobile app builder, mobile shopping app, magento app, mobile app builder, magento mobile app

MEP is currently available for iPhone and iPad apps. Android does not currently support it.
Also the main PayPal settings have to be previously configured in System |Configuration under the PayPal area.

How it works – Magento mobile payment checkout

Before we configure any of the third-party payment methods, we need to configure them inside the System | Configuration area of our Magento Store. Also be aware that it may be necessary to make some contracts and agreements with payment provider companies in order to be able to use them in our store/mobile application.

For example, if we are going to use any of the available PayPal services for mobile, we first need to configure the main PayPal settings for our Magento installation from the System | Configuration | Paypal screen, and then activate the desired mobile payment method based on it.


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