As with any other software product, website, or application, our Magento app also has to have copyright information included. We will learn how to update copyright information that will be visible inside our app.
How to do it…
1. Log in to your Magento Backend.
2. Navigate to System | Configuration in the main menu.
3. Next, we have to select the proper Store View—the one that we have already defined for our mobile application.
4. In the top-left corner of the screen, locate the Current Configuration Scope list and make sure that our earlier defined Mobile Store View is selected.

Note: When configuring anything in Magento, always look at the Current Configuration Scope list and switch to the appropriate one!
If we define our copyright information on some other Store View or on Default Scope, we will mess up our Website Copyright information!

5. Click on the Design tab on the left side of the screen.
6. In the middle of the screen, click on the Footer row to expand it.
7. Locate the Copyright input box and enter some short copyright information (for example, Copyright by My Company, 2012).
8. Make sure to uncheck the Use Website checkbox on the right, or Magento will use the default setting instead of ours.
9. Click on the Save Config button in the top-right corner of the screen and we are done.

How it works
When our mobile application loads on our customer’s devices, it connects to our main website and reads the configuration from there, and anytime when we update the copyright information for the mobile Store View, it will also be updated inside all our Magento app connected to our site.

There’s more…
After changing any of the settings in Magento, make sure to refresh website’s cache inside the admin area. Navigate to the System | Configuration | Cache Management section in order to be sure that the configuration is properly updated.
From this screen, we have several options available for Cache Management:
* Refresh (single or multiple cache types): This operation will delete and recreate the cache files.
* Flush Magento Cache: This operation will delete the Magento cache files from the var/cache folder.
* Flush Cache Storage: This operation will do the same as the previous one, with the difference that it will also clear your optcode cache.
In Magento we have several different cache types:
* Configuration
* Layouts
* Blocks HTML output
* Translations
* Collections Data
* EAV types and attributes
* Web services configuration
You can find more about those cache types on the official Magento wiki page  at
For the purpose of copyright information, it is enough to Refresh the cache for Blocks HTML output, but there is no issue if we refresh all of these cache types.


Lesson 5: Updating an Magento app’s copyright information
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