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5 Latest Features of Mobile Shopping Apps

It’s always been a challenge for developers to make their apps prominent and engaging. The easiest way—also the current best way—is to adopt the latest features from your industry.

We know, it’s always easier said than done. That’s why today we’ll be providing you with the current best features, used by top-performing retailers:

1. Augmented Reality

If you have tried it out, you’d know why Augmented Reality is the hot right now. With AR, your customers needn’t visualize which products of yours should go where and whether or not it fits since AR can handle all the visualization and imagination that your customers would ever need—by blending digital elements with the real world.

With AR, your customers can know exactly which products of yours are right for them, thus removing the previous barriers of trying out products and greatly improving your sales. And that’s not to mention that AR leaves the customers with a premium experience, making them stay engaged with this newfound technology.

augmented reality app

And its use isn’t limited to only just this. For a more detailed read on applications of Augmented Reality, check out our article: Ar – Augmented Reality: The Future of E-Commerce

2. Chatbots

While this is not exactly new, chatbot is becoming a reality for most eCommerce websites as it’s set to replace the usual, typical interactions that shoppers require.

AI and machine learning help customer service

Chatbots are possibly the most accessible form of AI. They collect data, track behavior, and they help provide a seamless shopping experience with their ability to respond to customers instantly. As they use machine learning to learn more about each customer specifically, they’re able to provide satisfactory, personalized answers that nudge a customer closer towards a conversion.

Benefits of chatbots

And just because they’re chatbots doesn’t mean they can’t have a personality, since chatbots, too, can develop a personality based on the data they’re injected with. Implemented properly, chatbots can be representative of your brand’s value while providing customers with the experience they need—with no downtime whatsoever.

3. QR/Barcode Scanner

While QR/Barcode scanners weren’t really a thing years ago, you just can’t go anywhere without it in today’s world. And its uses are getting increasingly creative that it’s hard to keep track of.

Nowadays, QR/Barcode is a must-have, multi-functional feature for eCommerce retailers. You can leverage this feature by attaching it to your physical or digital products: upon scanning shoppers will be able to see not only information from the featured product but also suggested and promotional products as well, which in turn open more room for you — as a retailer — to drive more sales to your business.

4. 360° Product Images

360° product image is a feature that’s rarely utilized in the average online stores, but especially effective in stores that deal with products of great sizes and varied materials. 

Like Augmented Reality, this feature leaves the customers with a feeling of high-end, premium purchasing experience that caters to their every need. However, due to the nature of this feature, it’s only suitable for a niche of products, such as furniture, decorations, and apparel etc.

5. Image search

One of the most recent benefits of Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce is the ability to process product images, and it’s a newfound technology worth considering over.

Pinterest Lens – the visual search function of Pinterest

Since the world is getting increasingly visual, Image Search is a feature that best addresses the current customer’s needs. All of this is made possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), a more recently popular technology which is already prevalent in the eCommerce whose uses range from anticipating the user’s needs to improving visual search.

Recommended reading: SimiCart’s New Image Search Feature: Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The world is only getting more complicated as technology itself isn’t a standstill industry, which is why it is required for store owners such as yourself to fully take advantage of the current technological trends in the eCommerce sphere.

However, adoption of technology can also be hard, which is why there’s always solution providers such as SimiCart to help you build the most optimized, features-packed Magento store.


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Henry Larry
Henry Larry
2 months ago

The innovations like Augmented Reality and Chatbots make mobile shopping more interactive and user friendly. The inclusion of Image Search further streamlines the search process for products within these apps.
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