ipay88 price introduction
iPay88, one of the most popular payment method in ASEAN

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iPay88 Sdn Bhd was founded in 2006 and rewarded the MSC status by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) in June 2007. iPay88 is a primary common Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia. iPay 88 has more than 180 gathering of specialists in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. Since 2006, iPay88 has adequately given high ground through e-exchange and online portion organizations to more than 5000 shippers exhaustively and commonly.

iPay 88 Introduction

iPay 88 offer Online Payment Services under the brand called iPay88 (www.ipay88.com) to close-by online retailers or e-business merchant in the country. As a principle neighborhood Internet portion organization supplier, the association impelled it multi-coin door in February in 2009 and transform into the first and the fundamental adjacent coordinated portion organization supplier that giving web portion planning to e-exchange outside money.

iPay88 headquarter is built in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have region offices in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore.

Why Choose iPay88?

iPay88 giving an enduring stage to your business to assemble and get ready portions securely. Genuine quietness for you and your customers:

  • Fast underwriting and execution
  • Distortion neutralizing activity framework
  • Intensive portion decisions
  • Under supervision of BNM
  • Adequacy and limit of our system are guaranteed

Key Features you can apply with iPay 88 are:

  • Continuous united online report
  • Email/SMS Notification
  • Rehashing Payment
  • Electronic distortion screening
  • Segment portion course of action
  • Payout Service
iPayy88 features
iPayy88 helps payment become mụch easier


The association is powerfully assessed to mirror the centrality of you as a need client. iPay88 particularly respects going on wonderful quality execution respect and expect that the central focuses to be gotten from this try far surpass the costs included. Regardless, you are encouraged to talk with us to understand which game-plan is best for your business before sign up with our association.

The evaluating underneath depends on upon a standard shipper profile, and might shift subordinate upon the risk part you work in and you’re exchanging history and foundation. The surveying underneath applies to a little and medium business client. On the off chance that you anticipated your online turnover for the running with 12 months is more than MYR1.2 million, please suggest our Corporate Solution zone.

iPay88 Price in RM ( Ringgit Malaysia, 1RM=0.23 USD )

  • One Time Registration Fee: RM488.00
  • Support Fee: RM500.00 reliably
  • Vendor Discount Rate:
  • 3% for Visa
  • 3% or scarcest RM0.60 (whichever is higher) for neighborhood Online Banking and E-Wallet part associations


Rehash: Payout of settlement aggregate to the merchant is on a week by week premise. The settlement cut-off time of dependability will be 24:00 (Malaysia Time) of each Sunday. iPay88 will store/exchange the after a long time settlement whole into a designated cash related equality of the trade inside of 5 working days after the week by the week settlement cut-off day.

iPay88 Price in RM ( Ringgit Malaysia, 1RM=0.23 USD )

  • Coin: in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR): ( Ringgit Malaysia, 1RM=0.23 USD )
  • Place: in Malaysia.
  • Scarcest payout: RM100.00

iPay88 Price

iPay88 SME Plan Pricing
Setup CostRM 488
Yearly FeeRM 500/year
VISA / MASTERCARD Transaction Fee3% Only!
Malaysia Online Banking & E-Wallet payment services2 to 4%
iPay88 Soho Plan Pricing 
Setup CostRM 488
Yearly FeeRM 68 0 (Zero Fee)
VISA / MASTERCARD Transaction Fee4 %
Malaysia Online Banking & E-Wallet payment services4%

The SOHO course of action is expected for little associations which couldn’t care less for a monthly maintenance charge. It’s suitable for online retailers with months to months online turnover not precisely RM 4,000. In case you expect bargains surpassing 4K/month, consent to SME Plan evaluating for all the all the more saving.

ipay88 price
Using iPay 88 to make your mobile app become convenient

How to apply iPay88 to mobile shopping app?

Recently, as mobile commerce has become popular around the world with fast increasing speed – and especially in ASEAN – iPay88 allows customers to make payment through smartphones. As a specialist in Magento mobile apps, SimiCart makes it easier for you to integrate iPay88 payment gateway in your shopping app with a plugin called iPay88.

You can make your mobile shopping app become convenient with this easy payment method. Have any confusion? Click here to learn more…

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