[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]In the previous post introducing about CCAvenue payment solution and its important role toward iOS mobile shopping app, but the truth is that CCAvenue is not just used for iOS operating system but Android as well. So if you are a Magento merchant taking use of Simicart to build an Android shopping app, then CCAvenue plugin is really an inevitable payment solution for your e-commerce business.

install CCAvenue payment plugin in android shopping app

It is not strange to consider CCAvenue a favorable payment solution for countries in South Asia, especially India because it possesses such unique features as: simple installation, easy configuration, allowing payment with credit or debit cart,…If you also want to gain thousands of dollar each month like some famous brands from India (..), why not taking advantage of CCAvenue right now?

Even though you can find the user guide to install CCAvenue here, in this article, you will be given more detail on how to install CCAvenue payment plugin for Android shopping app. Take a look!

Specific Steps to install CCAvenue payment plugin for Android shopping app

To help you have clearer visualization on the process of installing CCAvenue payment gateway, here is the graph for you:

CCAvenue installation

1.After you purchase the CCAvenue for your app, you will be directed to the “App Management page”.

Click on “Build app” tab and then download the “CCAvenue connector” – in form of zip file.

2.Enable Cache mode: To take use of CCAvenue, Cache needs to be enabled. You need to enter “Administration panel”, then go to “System/Cache management” and choose “Enable” for all caches. Submit them and done.

3.You use FTP client like WinSCP, cuteFTP or Filezilla to upload or copy all the folders in the zip package to your Magento site root folder after extracting file. This action is to add new files to the structured folder and not overwrite any existing files.

4.After you have the uploading done, return to “Magento administration panel”, login to it and refresh the cache.

You need to enter “System/Cache management”. Select all the caches and choose “Refresh” to submit.

5.Then you navigate to “System/Configuration”, and if you see the extension tab, it means that CCAvenue is installed already.


Then if there come up with any errors like Access denied error when clicking on the extension tab, you need to log out of the “Admin panel” and then log in again. After that, you open the “App Management” and  select “CCAvenue” in “Purchased plugins table”, then you just need to rebuild the app to check your work.

As you can see, with just 5 simple steps, you can get your payment gateway as your expectation which is easy to track, simple to follow and quick to navigate. Moreover, it is very secure, so customers will always feel safe whenever making purchase decision.

ccavenue payment plugin for android shopping app

Have you got all the steps to install CCAvenue payment plugin for your Android shopping app? It is really simple to track right? So why are you still hesitating? Just install CCAvenue for Android app with just $49, then your shopping app will become the most desirable one ever. Besides, you also can make your brand become a trustworthy one and win the hearts of thousands of customers.

Now it’s time to adopt CCAvenue for Android mobile shopping app!

How To Install Ccavenue Payment Plugin For Android Shopping App
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