Among two following Magento mobile apps, what do you prefer?

– Magento mobile app 1: 100 000 registered users per day but only 10% of them buy products.

– Magento mobile app 2: 50 000 registered users per day and 40 % of them buy products.

The first one have more registered users but only a few converted into customers while the second one has greater conversion rate over the smaller number of registered users. Certainly, the second one is the better choice, proving that the conversion rate is the most essential factor of M-commerce growth.

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In order to improve your Magento mobile app conversion rate, you should follow some tips below:

1. Rich content:

The question “is your in-app content is attractive enough?” should always be kept in mind. In another word, content is king and it needs sharpening, beautifying and customizing to match your target with customer demands. Therefore, call –to- action lines, outstanding labels or customer oriented texts are the key solution to raise your conversion rate.

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2. Attractive appearance:

Besides the content, you also need to focus on the layout of your app as well as displayed images including pictures of products or banners and app background. In some kind of store like Fashion, furniture, hand- made, bakery and so on, beautiful app design put an incredible impact on customers and thus, helps to engage more customers.

3. User experience improvement

The difference between a Magento mobile app and a Magento e-store is the user experience. Instead of click and pick, customers now swipe, touch or tap. Consequently, a wonderful Magento mobile app is a native one that is optimized for mobile users with smooth swiping or tapping feature. Besides, you should faster the checkout process or browsing product. It is because the faster transaction is, the more sales will be generated.

4. Push notification

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Sending email or displaying app are old means to grab customers attention, however, it is not really useful when applied for mobile store app. In fact, customers will pay more attention when they receive a direct message to their smart phone. Therefore, it is better to push notifications to customers’ devices especially when you are running a campaign.

In short, for the purpose of conversion rate improvement, you had better put more efforts into optimizing your app content, design, performance or some features like pushing notifications as well as bring customers enjoyable shopping experience.

Have other interesting tips to increase Magento mobile app conversion rate? Feel free to share with us in the comment below.

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How to increase your Magento mobile app conversion rate
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