In a business, the primary role of a sales team is generating income and revenue as much as possible at a sustainable rate. A sales team are supposed to work together to increase its company’s brand awareness and raise sales revenue. However, according to a recent study carried by Business Insider in October 2015; at least 62% of the CEOs asked said that they did not satisfy with their sales team. So, most of you are wondering how to improve your sales team? Do not panic! Let me show you by only 6 bullet points. 

1. Selection 

If you want to improve your sales team, first; bear in mind that you should pay extreme attention right from they entered your company. Recruiting and deciding on the potential talents suitable for each position is utterly one of the most important sales management skills.

How to improve your sales team - Selection

2. Training

Alert! After the recruiment process, this step is no less important! In fact, many HR experts regard it the #1 factor to communicate expectations, to stimulate growth, to lift individual performance. When first entering a company, most of the early workers find it not easy to fit in due to the huge difference between their academic environment and a real working environment. Training will solve that problem because it enable a core practice, consistently applied and customized potential candidates to fit your organization. 

How to improve your sales team - Training

3. Leadership role

Actually, questioning every single position on how to improve your sales team is not really a good idea. Strongly focus on the most influential element in the team and you will see the difference. A good leader sustains excellence and builds team members loyalty. Leaders are the catalysts of the team. Their role are significant as it includes not only training, supervising but also inspiring the whole team. 

How to improve your sales team - Leadership role

4. Measurement

It is the essential ingredient of process improvement. We cannot be developing if we do not know exactly what is happening and which goal we need to reach. Similarity, without clear expectations for activity and performance; sales improvement efforts would seldom hit the mark.

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How to improve your sales team - Measurement

5. Compensation and recognition practices

These two things must be aligned to the certain strategy attached to each period.  Alignment can act as a how-to-improve-your-sales-team technique since it creates leverage and increases the potential to maximize revenues. 

How to improve your sales team - Compensation, Recognition

6. Change 

Never stop reminding yourself that business has never been a static game. People change behaviors because they want to, because the value of change is compelling, and because it benefits them significantly as individuals. Consequently, if you hope to sell products for customers over a long time; a single strategy, regardless of its perfection, is never enough. Keep searching for new strategies and change selling behaviors, actively engage your people in the solution continuously; updating yourself gradually is the only way to keep up with the market. 

How to improve your sales team - Change

In conclusion, a sales team can make or break a business, depending on their level of professionalism, commitment, and integrity. Thus, from head to toes, businesses must never keep their eyes off their own sales team; because a how-to-improve-your-sales-team method is also the answer to the firm’s development question. 

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