Planning to build native mobile shopping apps to sell your products or services on-line? The first thing you need is a payment processor that allows for credit card or e-Cheque purchases. Many payment processing solutions are available, some are more popular than others. I highly recommend some options including:


A long standing and trusted solution that is one of the most widely used payment gateways in the world. With PayPal, online payments can be made by credit card, e-Cheque. No setup or monthly fees. Merchants have to pay a fee per purchase (normally it costs around 3.00%, international fees may be slightly higher). Here are the easiest solutions to setup a full feature system when starting a native mobile shopping app.

2Checkout (2Co)

Another solution is 2Checkout.  2Co is a popular payment gateway in the USA and Asia countries. Like PayPal, 2Checkout is a complete shopping cart system thanks to adapting to local languages, currencies and payment methods. View 2CO pricing structure.

Local Bank

Pay online with a local bank. The customer can search for a bank they use and trust, however, they only choose the banks that are offered by buyers in the list of on-line payments.

In this post, I only introduce and show you the way to integrate Free PayPal Mobile Shopping Cart Plugin into your shopping apps. For 2Checkout, you can read here.

  1. Install PayPal Mobile Plugin

– First of all, download Free PayPal Mobile Shopping Cart Plugin from SimiCart. Unzip it to your Magento folder in web server.

– To enable cache in the administration panel, go to System/Cache Management. Choose all caches and take action “Enable” then submit.

– Use FTP client (such as Filezilla, WinSCP or cuteFtp) to upload to your Magento site root folder. Don’t worry, this step will not overwrite any existing files, it just adds new files to the folder structure.

– After uploading is done, log in to your administration panel to refresh cache. Go to System/Cache Management. Select all caches and take action “Refresh” then submit.

– If you can see the plugin in Manage Plugins tab, it is installed properly. If you get access denied error, log out admin panel and log in again.

Now the installation is finished!

  1. Configure PayPal information

– Sign into homepage Click on Applications Tab then click on Create App button

Free PayPal Mobile Shopping Cart Plugin: Configure PayPal Information Step 1

– Enter your app name, then click on Create App. You will see the REST API Credentials for sandbox mode. If you want live mode, please click on Show link. And please attend to Account, Client ID and Secret.

Free PayPal Mobile Shopping Cart Plugin: Configure PayPal Information Step 2

– Go to Magento Admin, choose System → Configuration → Payment Methods → PayPal Mobile. And enter the Email, Client ID and Secret of your app which you have created before.

Free PayPal Mobile Shopping Cart Plugin: Configure PayPal Information Step 3

– Click on button Get Credentials from PayPal (live mode) or Sandbox Credentials (sandbox mode – for testing). Then log in by your account associated with the mode. Now, you have to enter API Username, Password and Signature.

– Click on Save Configure button. Now it’s completed. Your Mobile-App can execute transactions via PayPal Mobile Gateway.

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Free PayPal Mobile Shopping Cart Plugin: How to build a Magento mobile shopping app ready shopping cart?
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