Almost all the online businesses are about to launching a mobile shopping app using a particular mobile app builder. It can not be denied that the m-commerce is growing fast providing a potential landscape for online shops to reach more customers. It seems like that everyone needs iPhone shopping apps and even e-commerce websites, but most of the shopping websites do not want to bother by creating their own custom mobile app.

Let’s take a look at white label mobile e-commerce apps. Nowadays, Magento commerce, which gained more than $22 million in March for its open source e-commerce platform, is engaging with the mobile game with white-label apps for existing customers who use its e-commerce backend.

With more than 70000 customers, there are a lot of built-in sales leads, and 8000 of them are privately beta testing the mobile product (it means they may not be in the app store yet) including The North Face, Flowe(Red) and the Miami Dolphins.

How iPhone shopping apps are affected by Magento Mobile trend

Nowadays, Magento mobile is being used to support the iPhone devices, but Android and iPad as well. It initially translates an existing e-commerce site into a mobile app which fits all devices, complete with full product search, full catalog, shopping cart, reviews, and rating. The iPhone shopping apps can be modified as of the retailers’ interest and support Paypal integration as well. The product roadmap includes the supplement of barcode scanning, A/B testing, private sales and analytics. Magento platform charges the set-up fee of $800 and an annual fee of $700, which is much cheaper than the cost for an online store to create its own app and then integrate it with its back-end systems.

You have got to be a loyal customer of iPhone shopping apps like North Face shopping app, but with those die-hard customers, you should give them a better touchscreen shopping experience. If possible, such apps will serve as good marketing for Magento itself. You will not be able to call yourself a full turnkey e-commerce platform if you do not support iPhone shopping apps. And when you get to bigger touchscreens, custom mobile apps will become more compelling. The below image is a sneak peak screenshot of what the upcoming iPad app would look like.

As a result,

Magento platform is affecting profoundly on the establishment of iPhone shopping apps. As the iPhone users are increasing remarkably, then the integration between Magento website and iPhone shopping apps are somewhat not strange. With this app, your business can find out a more potential place to distribute products as well as brand to a great number of customers.

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How Magento Mobile Broadens E-Commerce To Iphone Shopping Apps
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