Finally, the release of Magento 2 has hit the door after many years of trial. Still maintaining the former functions of version 1.9, version 2.0 continues to develop to a brand new level integrated with so many unique points. Thanks to the effortless attempt of ecommerce experts, the world has welcomed one of the most dominant platforms to build efficient online business.

build Magento app on Magento 2.0 platform

Now, the trend of going mobile is also understandable as there is sharp increase in the number of mobile smartphones and users. Therefore, a website is not enough, you should also get a mobile shopping app to catch up with the trend. Converting from a Magento website to a Magento sales app is not strange, but if you just hear about building app on Magento version 1 to 1.9, then you should update your mind with the new hypothesis:

It is possible to Build Magento app on Magento 2.0 platform?

New points of Magento 2 have been released.  If a Magento 1.9 or 1.14 merchant has advanced customization (i.e. inventory synchronization, custom modules, etc), then all of this will need to be re-built for Magento 2.0. Looking at its generic picture can determine whether one merchant can build up an app with it. Sure, this test will be carried out on one of the best mobile app builder Simicart. Let’s see whether Simicart can turn a website Magento 2.0 to a standard Magento 2.0 app. 

What Magento 2 hasWhat Simicart offers
Full page caching: Instead of requiring the web server to do much of slow database queries to render the page, the system will build the pages in a static file system to reduce the loading time to 1-2 seconds.Native mobile app with be offered with available templates which arrange the interface smartly and provide the greatest user experience for users.
Neat and modern code base: get Magento 2 means pressing the fresh button. Any merchants who want to go for Magento 2 can know the legacy extension or old bar code will be removed or not.Requiring no coding skill when converting from website to app, Simicart allows the mobile app data to be synchronized with data on the web automatically. So the clearer the data on website is, the more efficient the Magento app is
Streamlined checkout process: With Magento 2, the checkout process will be in better streamline. The customers can assume the checkout. If you are old customers, you still can log out without having remember the password. It is also easy for the computer to figure out your credit card.With the support of many special plugins, when being turned to app, payment gateway can still be optimized thoroughly. For more details, you can check features of CCAvenue and iPay 88 plugin.
More Flexible performance: Every version of Magento is flexible, but in this new version, table locking will not be big problem. With larger scale Magento enterprise and Magento community sites.All the features of Simicart will be also provided to the app such as: push notification, reward,…as usual. Magento 2.0 app will get even better quality.

Though the possibility to convert a website to an app depends much on the technical skill, there still remains the truth that with the new version of Magento, Simicart will also execute more plans to improve our products to adapt the innovation of Magento. In the future, a more optimized, smarter and  more helpful Magento shopping app will be released as it has been for many years.

In general, we still have the right to hope, hope for a big change, big innovation and promotion to get the first Magento 2.0 shopping app. And remember always support Simicart.

UPDATE 20-12-2016: We have just released our beta version of Mobile App extension for Magento 2. Try it for free NOW»

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