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Introducing New Homepage Module for Magento PWA Studio

As you might know, our aim since the beginning has been to make your experience with Magento an effortless and streamlined one, with customizations and changes to your store done within a few simple clicks.

With this purpose in mind, we are proud to announce that we are releasing a brand-new Homepage module. Built on top of PWA Studio, this Homepage module is aimed at providing you with a simplified customizing experience for you and your store’s homepage.

What is it based on?

Our up-and-coming module will be based on many of the foundational libraries of PWA Studio which include: GraphQL, React and other technologies as part of its stack.

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What can I expect from it?

Since we place your convenience and your store performance as well as aesthetic at our highest priority, expect to see the following features from our HomePage module:

Full control over your homepage

Using a predetermined template, you can freely build & customize Venia theme. We’ve also made it easier for you to manage, change and customize elements of your Homepage including all vital elements such as:

Navigation Bar

SimiCart HomePage Module: Navigation Bar

Our team came up with a new, easily configurable navigation bar that’s also aesthetically pleasing to look at—this is achieved by adopting the latest practice from the industry which is flat design to bring to your store a homey and modern look.

Banner Slider

Showcase your promotions, deals and featured products with our latest banner slider. The transition animation for your banner slider is now made automatic and substantially smoother, which in turn makes for a more vibrant storefront.

Category Blocks

SimiCart HomePage Module: Categories

Our carefully crafted category blocks are where you’d want to place segments of your products that you want to gain more attraction. Unlike our banner slider whose slides limit can reach as much as 10 featured slides, your categories section is very limited which is why it’s recommended that you should stick to as small a number of categories featured on your homepage as possible.

Product Grids

SimiCart HomePage Module: Product Grids

As part of our new flat and modern look, the whole Product Grids section is now made simpler and with more focus placed on your product designs. Since your customers are more than likely to prefer visual content to text-based ones, we feel that this newly customizable Product Grid, combined with other elements of the new SimiCart Homepage module, will be able to drive more revenue to your store.

What you see is what you get!

Our new Homepage module is fully modular, which means that everything — and we mean everything — from our module is customizable, thus making it an easier time for you to make your store stand out above the rest.

SimiCart HomePage Module

Is it out yet?

Not yet, but expect our Homepage module to arrive anytime soon as it’s in the final stage of the development phase, almost ready to be handed over to our QA team. We’ll surely keep you updated on its status!

Stay tuned

While all this might sound pretty exciting, you can be assured that there’s even more good news in store for you this year. So stay tuned for more things to come, as 2020 is projected to be an ambitious year for SimiCart. 

In the meantime, do head over to our demo page to get a taste of what your store’s homepage could look like with SimiCart Homepage module and, if you’re interested, register to get this module for free when it is released.

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