Another Valentine season is coming. Another busy and booming season for retailers. You may find it surprised to know that Valentine is a hug money maker for brands, second only to Christmas. In America, it is expected that a whopping $3.5billion will be spent on jewellery alone. This season, let’s hear what Google and National Retai Federation (have to) say about Valentine’ Day.

Google “Digital channels are helping to increase Valentine’s Day’s spend

Digital channels are helping to increase Valentine’s Day spend, with more and more shoppers turning to search to help them find the ideal gift. In fact, Valentine’s Day search spikes now start earlier and last longer than ever before, with search volumes increasing for flowers, gifts, gift baskets, and wine.

NRF “Valentine’s spending will reach $18.9 billion

The vast majority of consumers (91%) plan to spend an average of $87.94 on their significant others, up from $78.09 in 2014. Additionally, 59% will spend an average of $26.26 on family members and $6.30 on children’s classmates/teachers. See the inforgraphic for more detail!

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Google and NRF talk about Valentine’s Day 2015
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