Hi there, the devil day is coming. How is it going with your pumpkins and Dracula costume?  Let’s me tell you a secret, then you can start your perfect Halloween even from today.

Merchants even work harder on Halloween

The significance of Halloween Day is not limited in a holiday purely, it outweighs the big chance for retailers of costumes or decorations. Unofficially, it is the starting gun of the year’s fiercest race of every merchants – who want to commence the holiday shopping season just as children drop the trick-and-treat bags. E-commerce giant Amazon calls the 1st of November as their “official start of a holiday shopping season” with many big offers ranging from 30% to even 60%. Walmart, on the other hand, gains as many expectations for their traditional door busters for day. Merchants don’t stand still on the Halloween Day, they accelerate to take a perfect sprint on sales.

Now you know the reason why it’s time for us to do something differently.

Mobile app for shopping
Merchants head towards the year largest shopping season.

How about a mobile shopping app that could help us closely interact with customers during the busiest shopping season?

E-commerce merchants are looking for a variety of methods to acquire more customers, have you ever thought about engaging with them on a mobile shopping app? You can impress your customers with your vivid products and convert more sales with reward points, coupon or discount in the coming holiday shopping season when customers take days off and stay away from their laptop but can’t not drop by their mobile devices. Creating shopping app for your website today then you can send notifications about your special offer for customers on Black Friday Day!

Mobile apps for shopping
Merchants could closely interact with their customers on mobile shopping apps

Big offer from SimiCart: Gain points from Halloween Party!

You got an invitation for SimiCart Halloween Party where you can get many points to realize your native shopping app this season.

Mobile apps for shopping
Let’s dress up to join SimiCart Halloween Party!

Welcome to the evil land of Hotel Transylvania. In the looming blanket of fog, there are 5 monsters standing in front of you. Who do you want to dress up: awkward Frankenstein, pussy Marvis, bloody Dracula,  Murray the mystic, or scary Wayne? Just enter your email, choose your desired one and “Dress Up” and…. Bingo, points will pour into your account. There is a “special clock” on the left corner who is always willing to tell you when these point are still valid. Magical, isn’t it?

You can use these points for any orders on SimiCart. Is there anything better than acquiring a SimiCart mobile shopping app  and engaging with your customers during the holiday shopping season? What a promising scenario!

Get dressed, earn points and boost sales with a shopping app on mobile, don’t hesitate to join us NOW!

Not only the points but also some improvements in product are SimiCart’s special offers for this occasion. SimiCart 3.1 has been recently released with some updates in layout and UX. These new updates could definitely help you satisfy more and more customers. Others speed up towards customers, so does SimiCart.  

Enjoy your Halloween Day! Enjoy sales increase on your mobile shopping app!

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Secret of the Halloween Day: To Engage with Customer During Holiday Shopping Season?
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