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Ecommerce Automation: What Is It and Why Your Business Will Benefit From It?

Ecommerce automation

What is eCommerce Automation?

To simply put it, eCommerce automation is using software applications to have the tasks completed automatically. The saved time and costs when tasks are completed automatically can then be used for employees to focus on other more important works, which can bring more profits to the business.

The benefits of eCommerce automation

Ecommerce automation can be applied in almost every aspect of a business, from internal operation to marketing and customer service, thus the benefits it brings back go beyond money and time-saving. Let’s take a look into the benefits of automation in eCommerce:

Time efficiency

One of the most apparent changes you will notice when having tasks done automatically is how much time it can save. Repetitive tasks now can be set to be completed automatically, such as customer data and order data entry. Your employees can say goodbye to doing these repetitive tasks one by one. Moreover, less human interference in these tasks can result in fewer human errors in the system.

Docparser - document management tool
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Quality data analytics

With the existence of analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, R, Python, Microsoft Power BI, … the task of data analytics is now less time-consuming and error-prevented than it used to be. Also, these tools allow businesses to analyze a huge amount of data to match the growth of the global market with thousands of customers.

Better customer experience and higher satisfaction

With the assistance of eCommerce automation, businesses today can reach out and assist their customers in a short time and provide more quality service, matching their expectations.

Google Review for business
Source: Google customer reviews

Higher employee engagement

Your team members now are more engaged in the operation as they have sufficient information – be it their tasks, goals, and future work plans. They are clear on what is in their hands, and which parts can be improved for better operation. 

Secure payment

So long with the old method of paying by cash, businesses can now provide multiple ways for customers to pay, using services of Paypal, Stripe, SecurePay, etc. These gateways offer easy and secure payments for both businesses and customers.

Applying eCommerce automation in your business

Bitrix24 - automation software for ecommerce business
Source: Bitrix24

We have mentioned the many benefits of eCommerce automation for a business, now we can come into detail focusing on the aspects of a business where eCommerce automation can interfere.

Business operation

Bitrix24 - ecommerce automation in business
Source: Bitrix24

Data analytics

Automation and personalized marketing

Mailchimp - ecommerce marketing automation tool
Source: Mailchimp

Then you have social media platforms to attract and interact with customers, building brand awareness and image. All these factors together can help to enhance a customer journey, and businesses that provide good experiences are likely to see their customers again.


Webgility - ecommerce accounting automation tool
Source: Webgility


High-secure gateways allow a smooth payment process and minimize the chance of errors. After paying, customers and businesses will be quickly updated with invoices. A good thing is that customers have become more familiar with online payment, and usually counter fewer issues. A smooth transaction is important in securing customer’s trust.

Paypal - online payment gateway for ecommerce business
Source: PayPal

Customer service

Jivochat - online chatbot for ecommerce business
Source: Jivochat

Order automation and Deliveries

Orderhive - inventory management tool for ecommerce business
Source: Orderhive

Wrap up

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