Various websites these days have a responsive layout, however, according to a report from Trilibis launching , only 32 — or 21 percent  of them load in four seconds or less (source: mobile .

It appears that there are some limitations with responsive Web load times since images and code run in the background that users cannot see. Slow web page, as a result, can cause customers’ irritation and will badly harm your business for a long term.

What are the m-commerce advantages ?

Load time problem, what to blame for?

According to Tribilis Report, heavy images is the main culprit. A large number of websites are following the trend of using various images on their website. In addition, the report also revealed that more than 90 percent of overall weight from the home pages coming from pictures.

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However, since responsive sites serve up the same content across multiple screens, large images put extra pressure on mobile devices that may not be able to process the image quick enough.

Is optimization enough?

“Images play an essential role in user engagement,” Mr. Verani said, therefore, an image optimization  solution is extremely crucial to every website these days.

Regarding this issue, Mr. Verani recommended some solutions. “Designers of responsive sites should consider how images affect site load time and performance,” and “They can also use server-side device detection and image optimization technology to provide an excellent experience for desktop, tablet and smartphone users.”- he said.

Trilibis then applied server-side image optimization to 64 of the sites surveyed. The result was quite impressive.

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 The graph describes the reduction in website weight in 3 devices like desktop, tablet, and phone (about 57 to 77%) brought about by server-side optimization.

For brands and retailers who have already tested responsive Web design, server-side optimizations could be beneficial in helping speed up load times.

These solutions may empower the responsive web design, however, “ A lot of testing needs to be done and this can be both expensive for IT and limit, from a mobile marketing perspective, even with server-side image optimization”- said Wilson Kerr, vice president of business development and sales at Unbound Commerce, Boston.

In fact, some other solutions for mobile commerce have appeared and seem to be perfect alternatives. Mobile store app is the most outstanding one.

Not only engaging more and more customers, it also reduces the pressure on the website.

With a mobile store app, the loading time will not be of worry anymore. As a result, customers can go shopping app anytime anywhere without waiting for page loading.

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Dragging down mobile performance, responsive web need a better alternative!
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