Magento mobile shopping app is one of the leading trends for E-commerce business nowadays. However, not every Magento developer knows how to design his mobile app in the ultimate way to attract customers. In this article, I will give you some suggestions for the hottest trends and styles for Magento mobile app 2016.

1. Hottest design trends and styles for Magento mobile app 2016

a. Monochrome background

Color block might be the most popular keyword for 3 or 4 years ago, yet with the rising of minimalism, monochrome is now much more prevalent. Monochrome space has been trending for a few years now, and it does not seem to fade away. Designers have been pulling the trend even further with vast expanses of white/black space and extreme minimalism. It works well for a variety of goods from households, jewelry to fashion. There is an important notice for applying this technique, though: the quality of photos must be extremely high because it is the (nearly) only focus for customers.

Monochrome is one of the design trends and styles for Magento mobile app 2016

b. Wide and simple grid

Wide and long scrolling grids are definitely the best methods to display products in a very visual way. The vast grids of large images without clutter works well for websites with the monochrome background because it draws every customers’ notice to the product’s images. Despite the fact that this technique does not do very well for products with lots of attributes, it matches minimalism sharply. Therefore, it should be listed as one of noticing design trends and styles for Magento mobile app 2016 too. 

Zara - one of excellent examples for leading trend & styles for mobile app 2016

c. Fluid and full-width borderless layout

Numerous cell phones imply a wide range of measurements. However enticing it might be, don’t simply plan for a 320-pixel width. Like it or not – 176, 240, 320, 360, ~480-600 (scene) are normal devices widths. A fluid layout  which suits to any type of mobile device is the best choice at this point. Moreover, fluid layouts are fully responsive but still don’t feel boxed in. Some nice looking Magento layouts reach edge to edge, with large images stacked vertically and with no space in-between.

Borderless layout is one of the leading design trends and styles for Magento mobile app

d. Light fine lines and more delicate text

The use of light fine lines and more delicate text defines the elegance of the mobile app. Harsh, bold fonts with black boxes or any heavy elements give way to clean layouts and lines. This trend shifts focus to the pictures while also providing a lot of information without overwhelming visually. Talking about design trends and styles for Magento mobile app 2016, we should not ignore it.

e. Vertical Scroll instead of horizontal slide

When comparing to the traditional horizontal image slider, a vertical scroll technique is showing its prevalence. This method success because it makes the page look less complicated, as users are already comfortable with scrolling down when reading news or surfing the Internet. Without the use of fancy scripts, zoom, and other effects, the mobile app interface feels lightweight and simple.

Vertical Scrolling is one of the hottest design trends and styles for Magento mobile app 2016

2. Magento for mobile – the best E-commerce platform and the latest trend

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5 leading design trends and styles for Magento mobile app 2016
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