You are about to raise your own start-up company, and you choose the hottest coming trend at this moment: M-commerce, to follow; which means you would create a mobile shopping app for your business. However, you are not pretty much a risk-taker; so you want to have some trials before putting a great number of your budget in the app builder. At this point, the free 90-day-trial Cloud Version from SimiCart is a brilliant choice. 

1. Build a mobile shopping app for free? Is it possible?

With SimiCart Cloud Version, the answer is YES; definitely, yes. SimiCart, an expert in the M-commerce solutions field, is providing customers the Cloud Version; which brings about the simplest solutions for any M-commerce businesses who are in need of building their own mobile shopping app with 4 key points:

  • Effortless customization: Going mobile has never been that simple
  • No website required: Build your own mobile app without a website
  • No coding skills required: You do not have to be a professional developer because we are here to help you anytime you need
  • Native app obtained for both Android and iOs devices 

Even more SHOCKING, SimiCart is offering a 90-day-trial program to make it plausible for customers to have their own mobile shopping app for FREE within 3 months (Old price: $20/month).

Build your mobile shopping app for free with SimiCloud
Build your mobile shopping app for free with SimiCloud

2. What SimiCart Cloud Version can bring you?

Now, let’s take a closer look at this outstanding version and see what it have. I bet you will be convinced. 

  • Free customizing to appeal your customers according to your preferences with 3 layout theme options 
  • Push notification to keep customers updated about your products, new deals, etc. to boost sale
  • Most popular and continuously updating payment methods to serve customers all over the world
  • Widget system that allows you to enhance customers’ experience with hundreds of dynamic widgets and advanced functions.
  • All languages supported depending upon your input location information.
SimiCloud will help you get your mobile shopping app for FREE
Build your mobile shopping app for free with SimiCloud

3. How it works

Just within a few steps that take you about less than 30 minutes, you will have your own application by SimiCloud. 

Step 1: Dashboard: Right after finishing the purchasing process, you will be directed to the App Management Dashboard at which you can create and customize your apps within less than 30 minutes. 

Step 2: Product Import: At Manage Product, you can add your products and input detailed information to your mobile stores. 

Step 3: Application creation: Enjoy designing and customizing your mobile app with 3 layout options and 100+ features. Do not forget to use Review mode to check how your app will be in real life. 

Step 4: Publish: After feeling satisfied with the new-born app in the previous step, send us a request and we will help you to put your app in Google Play or Apple Store.

Do you feel excited now? Do not be hesitate. Take this chance and start your own mobile shopping app for free with SimiCart Cloud Version and attract thousands of customers right from today. 

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Do you want to create your own mobile shopping app for free? Find SimiCloud
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