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How to Configure Persistent Shopping Cart in Magento 2

What is Persistent Shopping Cart?

A persistent shopping cart keeps track of unpurchased items which are left in the cart, and saves the information for the customer’s next visit. Customers who are “remembered” can have the contents of their shopping carts restored the next time they visit your store.

Using a persistent shopping cart can help reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts and increase sales. It is important to understand that the persistent shopping cart does not expose sensitive account information at any time. And while persistent shopping cart is enabled, both registered customers and guest shoppers are required to either log in to an existing account, or create a new account before going through checkout. For guest shoppers, a persistent shopping cart is the only way to retrieve information from the previous session.

Configure Persistent Shopping Cart

During the setup of a persistent shopping cart, you can specify the lifetime of the cookies, and which options you want to make available for various customer activities. If the session cookie expires while the customer is logged in, the persistent cookie remains active.

To set up persistent shopping cart, on the Admin menu, select Stores > Configuration.  And then in the panel on the left, under Customers, select Persistent Shopping Cart

Persistent shopping cart Magento 2

By default, you should see Persistent Shopping Cart disabled.

Enable persistence shopping cart magento 2

Configuring Enable Persistence to Yes will enable persistent shopping cart and reveal additional configurable options as listed below:

Persistent shopping cart configurations
  • Persistent Lifetime (seconds): the lifetime of the persistent cookie in seconds. Maximum allowed value is 3153600000 seconds (100 years)
  • Enable “Remember Me”: Defines whether the “Remember Me” checkbox appears on the login and registration pages of the store. If this is set to No, no “Remember Me” checkbox will be shown and persistent cookie is applied to only customers who already have it.
  • “Remember Me” Default Value: Defines the default state for the “Remember Me” checkbox. When set to Yes, the “Remember Me” checkbox on login and registration pages will be ticked by default.
  • Clear Persistence on Log Out: Defines the behavior of persistent cookies. When set to Yes, persistent cookie will be automatically deleted when the customer logs out.
  • Persist Shopping Cart: Defines how persistent cookies affect the content of the shopping cart. When set to Yes, the contents of shopping carts are saved even after the shopping session ends.

When you’re finished configuring, don’t forget to click on Save Config.

Hope this helps!


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