Choosing the right payment gateways for your mobile shopping app can extremely affect the result of your M-commerce business. The safety and convenience of the chosen payment gateways are definitely one of the customers’ priorities. At this point, along with its outstanding features and benefits, +50 thousand sellers served around the world and 300+ fraud rules built over 14 years of experience since founded, 2Checkout is proven as one of the best Payment Gateway for mobile shopping app you can ever have.

In the previous article, I have shown you the outstanding features and benefits of using 2Checkout and how to install it in 7 simple steps. Today I will talk about how to configure 2Checkout on and in 2Checkout plugin. I bet it will be super easy even for the most low-tech users.

1. How to configure 2Checkout on

Step 1. Get an account on

(If you have already had an account on, please skip this step and move to the next.)

To create a 2Checkout account, follow these steps:
– Visit:
– Filling in the form below, confirming that you already agreed to 2Checkout’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
– Hit “Sign Up”.

Step 1 - How to configure on
Step 1: Get an account on

Step 2. Fill in the information:

– Log in to your account you have just created in the previous step in
– Go to Account/Site Management
– Fill in all sections but pay attention to 3 ones which will be used in SimiCart Connector:

  • Soft Descriptor
  • Direct Return
  • Approved URL

These sections are displayed as follow:

How to configure on - step 2
Step 2: Fill in the information

The Soft Descriptor can be considered like your account ID and the Soft Descriptor number will be shown on customer billing statement. In Direct Return section, please choose the option Header Redirect (Your URL) and enter Approved URL, the link that customers will be directed to after completing the payment process.

(to be continue.)

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(*) You have to purchase SimiCart before getting this plugin


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