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Nowadays, much and more payment gateway were created for the customer but I would like to recommend you the plugin which integrates with mobile commerce app in a good performance. plugin makes it easier to control the range of payment options online so your business never misses a sale.

What is plugin?

It  is a  payment gateways service working like PayPal and 2Checkout. Its payment gateway allows customers to make transactions with their credit card through a secure gateway. is widely accepted in many countries ( up to 150+ currencies supported at the moment). With this plugin, all the complicated tasks are done and your job is simple.

Because of its strong range of payment options, plugin brings to you a list of features:

  • Simple to install
  • Support on Android and iOS platform
  • Allow payment by credit card
  • Connect with
  • Easy to configure
  • Compatible with Magento Community version 1.4 to 1.9

So what is the benefit when you are using plugin? Here is the answer

Accept all main credit cards plugin links your business with a fully integrated, failureproof credit card acquiring solution. Benefit from an industry leading approval ratios across all major credit card brands, complete transactions in multiple currencies (150+ available currencies) and access features like Card Storage and 1 Click Payment, Recurring Billing and Fraud Management.

Connect to hundreds of millions of additional customers

Drastically increase your online revenues by offering the alternative and local payment solutions to convert non-card customers into buyers! With zero additional technical work, your checkout funnel is automatically tailored via advanced algorithms to display the most relevant payment options, so your business never misses a sale.

Versatile integration options


The easiest way to incorporate Checkout into your website is via Checkout.JS, whose built-in forms automatically validate customers’ input, tokenize and secure their sensitive card data.


If you need a more personalised solution, you can also use Checkout with your own forms through our JS – Kit, which gives you 100% control over your payment flow while remaining PCI compliant and secure.

Optimise your business with real-time data

Checkout Hub’s advanced reporting, real-time analytics and dedicated management features will help you steer your business and maximise revenues and profitability. Whether you’re a start-up or a multinational company, we offer and develop solutions to support every step of your growth.

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