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Change Order Status in Magento 2

The difference between order state and order status

Order states is exactly what it sounds: the states of an order in Magento, including Canceled, Closed, Complete, On Hold, Payment Review, Pending, Pending Payment, Processing. These are pre-defined order states in Magento 2.

What if store owners want to re-define these order states? The answer is order statuses. Store owners can create their own order statuses corresponding with Magento default order states. Inside Magento backend, store owner only see order status, not order states.

magento order status change

In short, Magento system view order as states, store owners view order as statuses.

How to create an order status?

In your Magento 2 backend, go to Stores > Settings > Order Status

magento order status list

Click “Create New Status

magento order status history

Enter Status Code and Status Label, along with specific labels for each store view.

magento order status page

Then you need to assign the newly created status to a state. Click “Assign Status To State“.

magento 2 order status

Select the state that you want to assign for your status. Remember to check the box before “Use Order Status As Default”. Then click “Save Status Assignment“.

magento order state and status

How to change order status?

Go to Sales > Orders to view a list of your existing orders.

magento 2 order list

Click on the order whose status you want to change.

change order status magento 2

On the order detail page:

  • Edit: the current order will be canceled and duplicated into a new one
  • Cancel: delete order
  • Send email: send an email with order details to customers
  • Hold: change order state to On Hold
  • Invoice: change order state to Processing
  • Ship: change order state to Complete (after submitting shipment)
  • Reorder: resubmit the same order

These options change the order state, and as mentioned above, each state can be assigned by multiple statuses. For example, for Pending state, I created two statuses: SM Pending and SH Pending, so I can change the status for this order into either SM Pending or SH Pending under Notes for this Order. (Note that the state of this order is still Pending)

change order statuses

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Robert Sheahan
4 years ago

I clicked on the order and I did not get the Edit function as you show in the screen shot. The current status of the order is Closed. Is there a way to modify a closed order?

Robert Sheahan
4 years ago

Using 2.3.1 and all products are downloadable. After a purchase, the customer is sent an Email verifying the purchase and it has a link back to their My Downloadable Products. When they press the link, it goes to their My Downloadable Products page with a list of the purchases and on top, shows the error “The link is not Available”. Also the individual download links next to each product are missing. It also shows the items Pending and not Available as it should. The test orders say that they are Complete. I think the problem likes in my Status/State table… Read more »

4 years ago

Robert Sheahan – Did you find a solution to this issue. I have the same thing happening.

8 months ago

in essence, order states represent the high-level stages of an order’s journey, while order statuses provide more detailed information about the current position of the order within those stages immaculate grid

5 months ago

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4 months ago

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