Nowadays, with the development of mobile commerce, mobile shopping is becoming the hot trend over the world. According to Goldman Sachs, consumer spending via mobile commerce will be $626 billion by 2018. Mobile devices accounted for 19% of all US e-commerce sales in 2014. Mobile shopping is one of the hottest trends in 2015 and it influences the way merchants do their business.

Consider mobile shopping for your business

According to an iVentures report, 91% of the websites reviewed were mobile optimized, meaning that having a mobile version of your e-commerce store is forced. E-commerce website with mobile friendly will be high evaluated by search engines such as Google, helping customers to access your business easier.Moreover, a mobile app is also important to bring optimal online mobile shopping experience to customers. Retails provide both outlines and online stores will enhance customer’s shopping experience.

mobile shopping trend

Mobile shopping: Mobile website versus Mobile app

Mobile shopping with mobile websites

Merchants will design a mobile site to help customers in accessing to their E-commerce website through any mobile device’s Web browser such as Safari and Chrome. A mobile website makes your Magento website more accessible to customers and it usually has the same elements as the  E-commerce website. Nowadays, more and more people do mobile shopping via mobile websites because they can access to E-commerce website anytime, anywhere using smartphones, tablets. Is this sound convenient, right? You can enhance customer’s experience on your E-commerce website through building a mobile website. In order to own a mobile website, merchants can hire a web developer to convert an existing website into a mobile-friendly one. Customers can do mobile shopping through a mobile website easily and quickly and they will be satisfied.

Mobile shopping with mobile apps

Another way for customers to perform mobile shopping is using a mobile app. It means that customers can download the mobile app and do shopping through this app. A mobile app will help your business to reach customers easier and also collect the information about customer’s preferences and behaviors. It is easier for customers to access a mobile app than a mobile website- all is in one tap. 

Catch up the mobile shopping trend with SimiCart

If you want to own a mobile app to catch up mobile shopping trend over the world, SimiCart will be a great solution. SimiCart provides more than 20 Plugins to help merchants in building mobile app with a affordable price. Now, your customers can choose their favourite products and pay online. It is really quick, convenient for both customers and merchants. Like many merchants, you also can maximize your business profit by catching the mobile shopping trend with SimiCart solution. You can find how to build a mobile app with SimiCart:

Build a great mobile shopping app to boost your sales with SimiCart

mobile app of SimiCart

Mobile shopping will be more popular in the future. As a merchant, you should catch up this trend as soon as possible. SimiCart will help you in building a great mobile app to satisfy your customers and maximize profit. Please try it NOW.

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Catch up mobile shopping trend to maximize company profit now
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