Hi there,
When I mention the word “Evolution”, what comes to your mind?

Regarding Evolution, we commonly think of some kind of major or such great breakthroughs such as Apple with the evolution from a wooden computer box to a glass smartphone, Ford from the Model T to Ford Focus Electric or KFC from a niche brand to an international chain.
Nah, we don’t need to be sooo big to get a true evolution.

SimiCart’s just come into cloud (officially since 2nd of November) and we called it a drastic milestone – an evolution of our product. Such things can not change the world  (of course 😉 ) but basically and totally change the way we support merchants to build their apps.

Built on Magento or WooCommerce, an existing website or a processing one, now on getting a mobile shopping app to acquire with more customers is available on SimiCloud. It ONLY takes you several steps:

Welcome to SimiCloud Dashboar where you can start building your amazing app!

1. Input data/Integrate website
First you go to Catalog to input data of your website into SimiCloud system or go to Setting/Integration to synchronize your Magento site with SimiCloud.

SimiCloud Dashboard allows merchants to see how their app looks like on mobile devices.

2. Build app
You just need to complete all required information on tab App, and the system will automatically create an app for you, after each time you click on “Save”. Magic, isn’t it?

System will automatically generate an app after you click on “Save”.

3. Get app
Waiting for 3 to 5 minutes before you go to tab Preview then download or scan QR code to get the test app. Please test it carefully before you go to Going Live tab to have SimiCart team submit app to Apple Store or Google Play for you.

Glamorous home layouts for better user interface!

Tada! Just need to finish 3 steps above then you will have a beautiful mobile shopping app. But simplifying the process of building mobile apps on any platform is not all, what’s more SimiCloud could offer you?

– Impress your customers with 3 options for Home layout and 6 available themes

– Satisfy more customers thanks to popular payment method integration

–  Acquire more loyal customers with unlimited number of notifications.

Anything else?

Let’s discover it by yourself, while building mobile apps on SimiCloud! Try now >
Remember that if you have a website even not on Magento platform … you still can use SimiCart *wink*

Ahh wait, wait.
I almost forget to note you that there are only a few days to try SimiCloud for FREE.
Then it will be $29 per month soon.
So hurry up! Take a tour now!


Building mobile apps without a website? Do it on SimiCloud!
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