M-commerce is becoming a hot trend in the world and merchants need to catch up the trend to satisfy their customers and maximize profit. Many companies are succeeded in E-commerce, do you want to be more successful than them? A native mobile app will help you to catch up M-commerce trend and maximize company profits. Customers tend to use mobiles to access all information and even purchase products online, so doing business through a native mobile apps is a great choice for merchants.

What is a native mobile app?

A native mobile app is a mobile app that is coded in a specific programming language, such as Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android operating systems. Now, merchants need to have a native mobile app to catch up M-commerce trend over the world instead of just having a Magento website or other traditional channels.

What is a native mobile app

Benefits of building a native mobile app with SimiCart

As you can see, a native mobile app is necessary for doing business in the modern business environment. To help merchants can catch up M-commerce and perform well, SimiCart provides solutions to build a mobile app with some key benefits for your business.

  • Easy- to- reach customers: 50% revenue of Amazon and Jabong comes from consumers shopping on their mobile phones. It means that customers tend to buy more on mobile apps. Building a native mobile app is a great way to reach a lot of customers, especially young people. SimiCart helps to create mobile apps with full functions that will meet merchant’s requirement and bring the most convenience to users.
  • Cost-saving: With SimiCart, merchants can create a native mobile app with affordable price. Depending on your business size and type, you can choose a package for building a mobile app. We have 3 packages for small business, fast growing business and special for Magento enterprise and 1 Zara package for the fashion store.

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  • Easy-to-collect sales information: With SimiTracking of SimiCart, merchants can track sales through overview in Dashboard. Merchants also have all information about customers, their history purchases and bestseller products to help in business orientation.
  • Create reward programs to retain loyal customers: On your native mobile app, reward programs are necessary to enhance customer’s loyalty. SimiCart provides you Reward points Plug-in for mobile apps to help in creating reward programs. With these programs, your native mobile app can attract more people to visit and buy on the app.

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How to get a native mobile app

In order to build a great native mobile app, merchants can use SimiCart to help them. After buying SimiCart, you will do 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Enter information

You will fill in information such as website URL, color, language at App Management.

Step 2: Install connector

Install SimiCart – magento mobile website extension to synchronize your website with a mobile app.

Step 3: Create an app

Click on “Build app” and the mobile app will be created within 2 minutes, you can check your app.

Step4: Publish your app

Now you can publish your app on Google Play or App Store by your account or we will do it for you with a fee.

native mobile app

M-commerce is one of the hottest trends in doing business and merchants need to catch up this trend. Building a native mobile app is a great way to do that and it also brings benefits for businesses.

SimiCart provides more than 20 Plug-in that will help you to own a great native mobile app and satisfy customer’s needs and wants.

Try to create a mobile app for doing business and see how efficient it is!

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Build a native mobile app to catch up M-commerce trend
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