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80% of organizations admit mobile customer service has a positive effect on business, 70% of them are trying to boost mobile customer service to utilize it.

What is mobile customer service?

Customer services play a key role in customer care, which is of the most concern to build customer engagement with a business. Nowadays, customer services can be provided via different channels without face-to-face meetings. For example, a business can support their customer via telephone, emails or websites. In recent years, a new trend which is favorable to many consumers is mobile customer service. In particular, mobile customer service is the act of taking care of the customers and satisfy them with professional, helpful service via their mobile devices.

Why is it necessary to boost mobile customer service?

1. Mobile phones are becoming more and more important in everyone’s lifeboost mobile customer service mobile proliferation

A recent research has revealed that approximately 95% of the participants state that their mobile phone is really important to them.  This figure is not surprising and easily explained in this day and age with the explosion of technology. People cannot go out without their mobile phone and mobile phones appear in every single activity in our daily life. With such a drastic proliferation of mobile phones, businesses cannot pass this promising channel to get access to their customers. That is a reason why they are trying to boost mobile customer service.

2. Excellent mobile customer service is able to enhance customer engagementboost mobile customer service customer engagement

75% of consumers have a more positive impression with the businesses which have their own mobile app together with the mobile customer services. The better impression you make on consumers, the bigger possibility they will buy your products and engage with your business.

Besides, many consumers also suggest that a business should provide a list of answers to the common questions via mobile phone. It is much quicker and more convenient for customers to get access to the supports from the business via their mobile phone rather than a website which can be accessed through a computer or laptop only. This means that consumers will prefer your business if you can provide better Therefore, businesses should try to boost mobile customer service to enhance their customer engagement.

3. Boosting mobile customer service improves competitivenessboost mobile customer service competitive advantage

There are more and more businesses investing in it. This means that your competitors are becoming awareness of the importance of mobile customer service. So it is essential that every business should try to boost mobile customer service everyday to catch up with or even left their competitors behind in the field. The one who can draw consumers’ attention will gain a competitive advantage, which is desirable for every business. In fact, nearly 80% of organizations admit that mobile customer service has a positive influence on their businesses and 70% of them are trying to boost mobile customer service to utilize it.

Overall, boosting mobile customer service can help you adapt to your customers’ requirements of supports via mobile. Catch up with the  mobile trend right now to make the most of your business!

Learn why thousands of businesses are trying to boost mobile customer service every day
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