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Better customer experience: start with customer journey mapping [infographic]

With the rise of mobile and explosion in digital content, today’s customers experience brand uniquely depending on their preferred channel. Mobile has opened up too many touch points for them to interact with before making a purchase. Following a simple linear path of the traditional sales funnel is no longer enough to understand the increasingly complex customer experience. As a result, it now requires a different strategy for brands to manage customer experience across the entire journey. In this case, customer journey mapping would do a better job of providing a holistic view into how they interact and engage with your brand, allowing you to improve overall experience.

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey map is the visualization of the end-to-end customer experience with your brand. Illustrating the steps your customers go through, it uncovers the insights you need to serve them with the content, products and offers in line with their desires. Your brand can build empathy for customers by understanding what they want and how they feel regarding their common pain points in each stage of the journey. Using a customer journey map, you’ll be able to manage all customer touch points in one place, allowing for better evaluation and quicker optimization.

The Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

With a number of touch points, platforms and channels, putting together a comprehensive customer journey map for your business can be a lengthy and complicated process. If you want to take a deeper look at your customers and their journeys but don’t know where to start, we have a quick guide for that. Check out the below infographic to learn how customer journey mapping can benefit your business and explore the step-by-step guide to map a customer journey:


Better customer experience: start with customer journey mapping
The Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer journey mapping requires lots of time and efforts, but the insights it offers are invaluable. It’s a great way to improve customer experience, shape your strategies and drive value. That’s why you need to deliver it to more of your organization. Visualizing and sharing the journey map allows your team to reap its benefits and bring about impactful business changes.

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