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17 Best Shopify Blog Themes in 2023 (Free + Paid)

Blogging is a great tool to drive tremendous traffic to your Shopify store at a zero-to-low cost. On top of that, blog posts can be another channel to promote your products and establish your brand influences.

So you want to start journaling for your store? The first step is definitely finding the best Shopify blog themes for your business. Since blogs are generally not Shopify’s strength, you are in the quest to find a theme with appealing blog layouts, supports long-form content, and is packed with helpful blog features.

Don’t worry, we have hand-picked the best Shopify blog themes to help you from endless searching and scrolling. 

But first, let’s think about the bright future:

How does blogging benefit your Shopify store?

Get more traffic

There are many ways that blogging can bring generous traffic to your site, but the most remarkable practice (that maybe you know already) is optimizing for search engines (SEO).

For those who haven’t known it, SEO is the art of getting your page easily found on search results pages of engines like Google and Bing, which means a lot of free, organic traffic. 

SEO is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. For example, Au Lit Fine Lines – a bedding eCommerce store- has managed to get more than 80,000 organic traffic a month, with their most prominent blog generating more than 10,000 traffic/month. 

Tell your brand story

In the fast-paced modern world where everybody longs for a deeper connection, it’s beneficial for brands to create a strong relationship with their customers. 

This goes far from delivering outstanding products and having reliable customer service – it’s about establishing brand characteristics that customers like. 

Journaling helps bring that branding to the next level. It’s where you can create inspirational stories about your brand and products, give them an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how cool your products are made, or feature interviews with influencers in your niche to boost brand awareness. 

Digest Shopify blog
Greatjonesgoods features famous chefs talking about their cooking points of views.


Stay engaging and nurture leads

Let’s face it, unless a brand is super duper special, there’s little chance that customers will remember a brand for long. 

That’s why we need constant social posting to remind our customers of our products and offers, and blogging is another way to do so. 

From DIY tips, cooking recipes to free resources, there are hundreds of ways to provide useful blogging content to your customers, thus, engaging them on a daily basis. 

You can also promote your blogs via several channels such as social media or emails. 

As a result, when considering the same products from many brands, buyers who are more engaged with your brand are more likely to buy from you. 

Promote your products and increase sales

Once you’ve got traffic, a group of people who like your brands and your content, promoting your products is easier than ever. This is like having your own billboard to advertise your products.

There are many ways to do this. For example, you can sophisticatedly feature your products in the blog content, or promote your best-seller products on a banner in the blog section. 

Press's Shopify blog
Press, a detox store, promotes their juices in an informational article about stress relief. 


Best free Shopify themes with stunning blog pages

1. Colorblock

Colorblock Shopify blog theme

Colorblock plays with bold colors and atypical typography to create a trendy and dynamic feel. The theme is great for clothing and accessories store to express their brand characteristics.

Like its many other parts, the blog pages put emphasis on visual storytelling with large space for photos and minimalist layouts. 

It comes with the most essential blogging elements: comment, social share, and a newsletter’s opt-in form while being optimized for longer-form text sections. 

2. Studio


Minimalist, elegant with a strong focus on visual storytelling, Studio is tailor-made for artists to sell their paintings and collections. 

The single blog page features a block template for quoting, which is helpful for interview articles.

Besides, the theme is significantly quick to set up and launch, with abundant features to promote lookbooks and galleries in styles such as image rollover, image zoom, or product videos. 



High contrast and warm colors always help create appetite, and Taste theme makes good use of this design psychology to help F&B store owners attract customers.

Its blogging pages give space for beautiful product photos with a grid layout structure for the blog listing page and a full-width banner for the single blog page. 

It also includes a quick product tab right below the blog section so that blog visitors can easily find featured products and make a purchase. 

4. Twices


Twices resembles a more traditional layout for blogging that we are familiar with, featuring a two-column grid and a sidebar. This blog page layout, with a tab for recent blog posts and tags, helps visitors easily navigate from blogs to blogs. 

Modernly designed, the theme can suit a wide range of eCommerce stores from fashion to furniture and technology. 

What’s more? Its developers claim to have applied many new technologies to achieve a fast loading page and a smooth customer experience. These are two crucial factors if you want to leverage blogs for SEO purposes. 

5. Kardone

Kardone does a great job of showing how an online pet store should look: lively with many bold colors and full of wholesome photos. 

Its blogs are also pretty comprehensive too, with an opt-in form for a newsletter, a comment section, and a sidebar to browse more categories and recent posts. 

Plus, Kardone is flexible when it comes to changing photos, fonts, headings, and adding texts and videos, which makes blog content editing a breeze. 

Best paid Shopify themes with impactful features

6. Eurus

Price: $200


Eurus – – brings a minimal and clean layout for the blog posts. Its seamless fusion of aesthetic appeal and user-friendly functionality makes it the ultimate choice for crafting compelling and engaging blogs.

With Eurus, you can effortlessly showcase your content in an eye-catching manner, while its intuitive customization options allow you to tailor the theme to your unique style. Lightning-fast loading times ensure a seamless reading experience, even for mobile users.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting, Eurus empowers you to create a captivating online presence that keeps readers coming back for more, making it the top choice of Shopify Blog Theme.


7. Boost 

Price: $280


Elegant and delightful, Boost features 4 different layouts that are catered for stores with large catalogs in the fields of toys and games, sports and recreation and pet supplies. 

As for blogs, it offers two different journal layouts for your inspiration, coming with a newsletter subscription popup, a breadcrumb title, and a social sharing option. You can also feature your blog posts right on the homepage in the most flattering ways. 

The theme is greatly reviewed for its ease to customize different sections and rich functionality. 

8. Focal 

Price: $300


Using full-width images and bold typographic, Focal meets the needs of many brands from various industries (e.g clothing and accessories, electronics, health and beauty) to create an on-point brand look and great visual storytelling. 

It also has a comprehensive tool for blogging including a blog category navigation, tags, a comment section, recently view blogs, and a newsletter subscription form. 

Plus, Focal is packed with cool animations and adaptable elements while enabling great flexibility to swatch colors and create landing pages. 

9. Maker 

Price: $250


Inspired by the editorial style, Maker uses bold typography and immersive hero banners to help you convey your brand personality. Its three different layouts toned in pastel and beige bring out a feminine feel, making them great for selling apparel and cosmetics. 

The theme is also ideal for showing your editorial content, providing a trendy mansory grid layout, pinned posts, recently viewed blog posts, and tags.

Plus, Maker makes it simple to promote products with Marketing tools and merchandising features like animation, promo popups, product videos, and more. 

10. Beyond

Price: $250


Beyond features a photo-rich look for your brand to create a compelling brand story and speak to your customers. Using black-and-white fonts and putting emphasis on photos, the theme is crafted specifically for eco-friendly brands that look forward to a more sustainable future.

Its blog list page use photo grids, so you can arrange all blog feature photos in a unified tone that conveys a message. The theme also comes with a navigational bar for blog categories and social shares so you can easily spread your content to like-minded audiences.

Other worth-noting features include promo popups for collecting emails, animation, recently viewed, and trust badges.

11. Phono

Price: $59


If you are planning to sell phones, mobile, and computer accessories as well as electronics and other digital products, phono may be among the top choices. The theme is clean, user-friendly while offering many helpful features such as a quick view, size filter, and a cart drop-down summary to meet the complex needs of phone websites. 

Moreover, Phono’s blogging pages are informative with a sidebar to promote best-seller products and ongoing deals. Also, visitors can easily navigate between blog posts with a recently viewed tab and buttons for previous/after posts. With a comment section added, the theme makes it easy for readers to explore content and stay engaged.

Notably, Phono is SEO-friendly, optimized for speed, and easy to customize.

12. Kales 

Price: $89


Kales gives off a very clean and tidy look, which creates a pleasant feeling for the majority of consumers. That’s why the theme can cater to a variety of industries from fashion, home & garden to sport & electronics. 

It is packed with a bunch of features to promote your products and upsell, which can help you save a decent amount of money for Shopify apps. Also for this reason, Kales is great for you to convert customers reading your blogs.

It features several layout options for blogs, so you can choose either grid or mansory, whether to include a sidebar or not. Significantly, Kales let you add a lookbook, category grid, or Instagram Shop on the single blog page. Thus, you can promote relevant items right there in a visually-appealing way.

13. Shella

Price:  $79

Shella Shopify theme

Shella impresses with a clean and minimalistic style with a touch of elegance, which is suitable for many businesses from different industries to leverage their brand image. 

The theme comes with 99+ pre-designed templates, with 7 layouts for blog listing pages and single post pages. You can choose whether to display blogs in the classic single column, grid, or mansory, as well as choose to showcase visual content with an image slider and/or video. 

On top of that, Shella is SEO-ready with its Google snippet tool checked by Moz – a reliable SEO software company. Also, the theme itself is fast, while being loaded with many powerful features to create high-converting stores. 

14. Dukamarket

Price: $19

Dukamarket Shopify theme

Modern and dynamic, the Dukamarket theme resembles major marketplaces like Alibaba and Amazon. With an intricate mega menu and an Ajax load more plugin, it is the best fit for large-catalog stores that want to showcase a wide variety of products and deals.

As for the blog, you can choose whether to include a sidebar to show additional banners, tags, newsletter, or blog category navigation. Plus, on the single post, there’re options to display author profiles to increase articles’ authority.

Moreover, the theme is fully responsive and SEO-optimized, which lets reading on mobile enjoyable. 

15. Yanka

Price: $48

Yanka Shopify themes

Yanka is another great modern-looking theme with customization options for brands from various industries to roll. The theme developers pay great attention to details so you can flexibly adjust many small parts of the stores. For example, there are many banner layout structures available, and product page images can be filtered to match their color attribute. 

You can choose to create blog page layouts with or without a sidebar to your liking. Yanka comes with a decent set of features for blogs including newsletters, social share, quote blocks, recent posts, and author information.

Besides, Yanka is mobile-ready, SEO-checked, and scores an impressive page speed score of 81% to help you deliver a great content-reading experience. 

16. Halo

Price: $39

Halo Shopify blog theme

Halo has over 30+ layouts crafted for a wide range of businesses from fashion, accessories, health & beauty to electronic, supermarket, sports and outdoor recreations. While maintaining top-speed performance, it is packed with many worthy features such as bundle and discount, cart upsell, one-click checkout, Instagram gallery, and more. 

Its blog collection page features a grid layout to showcase different blog categories and their articles. The blog post is also nicely designed for reading comfort and conversion at the same time. 

You can choose to display an Instagram Shopping-inspired lookbook where visitors can view product info and prices, as well as organize text content with quote blocks and bullet points easily.

17. November

Price: $69

November Shopify blog theme

Featuring a clean, minimalist style with a touch of grace, November looks especially great for trendy clothing stores, but it will do well for jewelry, pets, and even furniture stores. 

Following the overall style, its blog page layouts include lots of white space to highlight photo content. Also, you can choose to go with the standard blog listing layouts with columns and sidebar or the trendy grid display. 

Its blog pages come with infinite scrolling, comment sections, blog recommendations by category and tags to help users stay engaged on your site. 

What’s more? The theme is fully responsive and flexible to customize many styles so that you can offer your customers a high-standard customer experience. 

Wrapping up

These best Shopify blog themes come in different price ranges and styles while being catered to the needs of the most popular eCommerce industries. We hope that you have found the best Shopify blog themes to leverage your content marketing.

Whereas style and features are definitely the most outstanding factors when looking for a theme, its ease of use and its freedom to customize can greatly decide whether your online store can engage customers and convert. Thus, it’s important to try all your selected themes and test all features before actually purchasing.

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