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7 Best Magento Tutorial Resources for Beginner

Magento is undoubtedly one of the most widely recognized e-commerce platforms today. It is best known for its customizing and scaling ability. In fact, it is so highly customizable that many finds it one of the most complex and sophisticated language. The learning curve for newbie Magento developers/users is indeed steep. Below are the best Magento tutorial resources for beginner to get started:

1. Magento Tech Resources

Magento Tech Resources

The first source one should think of when finding for guidance is tutorials from the platform itself. Magento provides a Tech Resources page where there are a series of guide for each platforms, including Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. According to Magento, here “you’ll find the most up-to-date documentation for the current release, written with merchants in mind. This section of the guide answers the “why, where, and how” questions that most merchants have when first learning to use Magento”.

2. Mag-Manager Video Tutorials

mag-manager video tutorials

One of the best way to learn something is through video tutorials. On you will find plenty of guide videos under Magento Training (the other clips are guides for their products). Most of them are “how-to” clips that solve some particular problem. Each clip is 3 to 5 minutes long with detailed step-by-step explanation that is easy to follow. Moreover, this section is updating regularly with most wanted and helpful Magento tutorials.

3. Level Up Tutorials

Level Up Tutorials

Level Up Tutorials is a collection of 800+ in-depth, basic video tutorials for many platforms and languages. For Magento developers, there’s a series of Magento Community Tutorials that consists of 41 free video tutorials, which are 41 lessons taking you through from the very first steps on your Magento journey.

4. MagManager Presentations

MagManager presentations

Another great source of tutorials by MagManager, this time under the form of slides. Each slide in a presentation is a step in the tutorial. Although they are not as detailed, an advantage of slides tutorial over video tutorials is that you don’t have to pause after each step to follow the tutorial. Just finish each step, slide after slide and you will eventually get the desired result.

5. Magestore Magento Tutorial Series

magestore tutorials

Magestore is now an Omnichannel Solution provider for Magento and Odoo. However, they were also known as a Magento extension provider before, which means their blog contains many Magento knowledge, especially the tutorial series. Whether you are beginners or store owners, this series will help you learn everything about Magento from the start with easy-to-follow examples. They also provide a PDF version for this 31-lesson tutorial series, so you can learn anytime you want to.

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6. FastComet Tutorials

FastComet Tutorials

The Magento Tutorials section on FastComet website is not as various as those on the sources above, but it is still a source worth mentioning for the fact that the guides here are so easy to follow. They are organized into categories and sub-categories; each guide has step-by-step image instructions which you should be able to follow smoothly from the beginning to the end.

7. Alan Storm’s Magento Articles

Alan Storm Magento articles

On this blog by Alan – a freelance programmer – there is a section of Magento (and another of Magento 2) where you will find plenty of articles on various Magento problems. Although the article topics may seem to be random and unorganized, the content of each article is very useful and original. Because all of those were written by Alan from his knowledge and experience himself, there’s a high chance that you may not be able to find those stuff anywhere else.

The road to mastering Magento is challenging yet rewarding. With the right resources in hand, one can make it more pleasant and more fun. You know what is even more enjoyable? Building a Magento mobile app with SimiCart!

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