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7 Best Magento Mobile App Builders in 2022

Benefits of Magento Mobile App Builder

The past few years have witnessed an impressive growth of mobile commerce, in which the global mCommerce revenue is expected to reach $3.56 trillion by 2021. Smartphones have become one of the most dominant methods for browsing products, with 67% of customers have downloaded a retailer app before. Therefore, it is of increasing importance for eCommerce brands to present mobile apps for a better user experience that later boosts up conversion rate at their stores.

Magento mobile app builder is a comprehensive solution to transform your store to a native Android and iOS application that can be published on the app store. This pre-build framework provides all mobile development tools with unlimited features of a native mobile app without comprehensive coding knowledge. Magento mobile app builder is the best tool to deliver a seamless shopping experience for customers through an engaging mobile app.

We have listed the best Magento mobile app builders for your online store, including their features, demo, and price for a detailed comparison.

Best Magento Mobile App Builders 

1. Magento Mobile App Builder by SimiCart

simicart magento mobile app

SimiCart offers a complete solution for you to build a native iOS & Android mobile app. Fully integrated with Magento, SimiCart Mobile App Builder will be a perfect tool to employ a new sales and marketing channel to your business model. Building an app with SimiCart requires minimal coding skills as your app’s layout and features can be simply configured from the Magento backend.

Outstanding features:

  • Sales conversion
  • App localization
  • App promotion
  • Beautiful app design
  • Engagement & Loyalty
  • App themes
  • Integrations

Demo: iOS l Android

Price: $299

2. Magento Mobile App by Magestore

Magestore mobile app
Source: Magestore

Magento mobile app by Magestore will assist you to flexibly customize your own application that delivers an eye-catching UI/UX design, a smooth checkout process, and excellent customer service. The mobile app’s functionalities are optimized to ensure a seamless user experience.

Outstanding features: 

  • Well-designed UI/UX 
  • Fast checkout
  • Data synchronization
  • Customer engagement
  • Global expansion

Demo & Price: Contact Magestore

3. Mininest – Mobile App Builder by Magenest

Magenest mobile app
Source: Magenest

Mininest supports store owners to create a fully native mobile app from their lucrative websites without much technical expertise. Their iOS & Android versions are built based on  Flutter, Google’s mobile UI framework for high-quality mobile interfaces, which ensures a smooth customer experience.

Outstanding features: 

  • Ready-to-use templates 
  • Support 6 product types of Magento
  • Smart search with text search and voice search
  • Allow customers to login quickly via Facebook or Google accounts

Demo: iOS l Android

Price: Contact Magenest

4. Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 by Webkul

Mobikul mobile app builder
Source: Webkul

Mobikul let you create a fully native iOS & Android application for your Magento store with the real-time synchronization of products, customers, orders, etc. between your website and mobile app. This ready-made solution is essential to provide customers with a better user experience in your store.

Outstanding features: 

  • Easy configuration
  • Supports default Magento product types
  • One-page checkout
  • Multilingual support
  • Optimization of search result

Demo: iOS l Android

Price: $299

5. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder by Knowband

Knowband mobile app builder
Source: Knowband

Magento Mobile App Builder by Knowband is a no-code solution to help you easily publish your own native shopping application on App stores. As Knowband mobile app is fully compatible with the latest version of Magento, it is possible to synchronize everything between your website and mobile app.  

Outstanding features: 

  • Offline mode
  • Customizable home screen
  • Multiple promotion options
  • Inventory management

Demo: iOS l Android

Price: $249

6. MageMob App Builder For Magento 2 by AppJetty

Appjetty mobile app
Source: Appjetty

MageMob App Builder is a pre-made tool to help you convert your Magento site to iOS and Android applications in less than a week. Thanks to many available features designed to work with iOS and Android, you can shorten the effort of a long term app building process.

Outstanding features: 

  • Dynamic layout
  • Order management
  • Payment gateway support
  • Promotional features
  • Real-time sync

Demo: iOS l Android

Price: $299

7. Magento Mobile App Builder by Magetop

Magetop mobile app
Source: Magetop

Mobile App Builder provided by Magetop uses REST API to connect with your Magento store. Customers are able to add products to shopping cart, login, view past orders, create a wish list, etc. on your mobile shopping app. 

Outstanding features: 

  • Easy customization
  • Push notifications
  • User profile management
  • Multi-language 
  • Multi-step checkout

Demo: iOS l Android

Price: From $299


We hope that our article can help you narrow your options when it comes to choosing Magento mobile app builder. As each mobile app builder offers a specific feature list that fit a certain business size and goal, it’s up to you to determine which provider will be the best option for your Magento store at this moment. 


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