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I find my inspiration in writing about technology and all about mobile commerce and making readers feel enriched with beneficial information is my job.

Follow The Leaders: Starbucks Strategy To Dominate Mobile Commerce In 2015

Looking for an efficient development strategy once going for mobile shopping app, it is suggested that you should look at the case study of Starbucks – one of the most well-known...

Call-To-Action Buttons: How To Triple Your Sales Revenue

Imagine that you have got a dozen of customers to visit your mobile shopping app and more luckily you have led the visitors to the product pages, promoted them to share...
mobile shopping experience via social media

Mobile Technology And Social Media Combination: Recipe For Intensive Mobile Shopping Experience

One of the most important things in launching a mobile shopping app (especially Magento mobile app) is how to create an unforgettable mobile shopping experience.  Currently, new buying experience of mobile shoppers...
3 most common mobile design mistakes

3 Most Common Design Mistakes Magento Mobile App Merchants Should Avoid

Recently, Google has considered mobile friendliness as one of its search engine ranking criteria. This reveals  that you can not wait for a long time to have your mobile sales app...
Magento shopping app gamification

Magento Shopping App Gamification: Secret Of A Shopping App Success

Most of e-commerce businesses are now stuck in the mobile marketing strategy, specifically the ways to get access to high customer engagement and customer loyalty. There emerges the requirement to concentrate...
Why mobile app startups fail to build a mobile sales app

Mobile App Startups Failure: What Are The Reasons?

It might seem difficult to believe that most mobile app startups investing in mobile sales app development fail to earn much profit or break even. While the number of mobile apps...
choose the best mobile shopping app builder to survive the mobile commerce market

Big Change To Survive – Choose The Best Mobile Shopping App Builder

I know you are an ambitious entrepreneur and I know you can pursue your dream of becoming the best of the best in the field of technology. To become the best,...
Magento Android App provides fuller information about SimiCart Features

Magento Android App-Must Visit Place For Ambitious Magento Merchants

Hi there, It is SimiCart – the closed buddy of all Magento merchants who always dream about an innovative e-solution to jump to the brilliant milestone in their sales revenue.  So we...
Magento iOS app landing page 3

[Magento IOS App] Have You Checked Our New Landing Page?

Hey there, :D Are you still staying tuned with Simicart? Simicart has got many changes and updates, do you realize? Such changes have been made with all of our effort in hopes...
bored people because of no mobile apps

What Would Life Be If There Were No More Mobile Apps One Day?

It sounds weird, but it's worthy to stop for a few seconds and try thinking about this question Now, let's imagine this mobile-driven globe run out of the high quality and useful-for-life...