Simicart is a full set of M-commerce solutions which provides various mobile optimized and helpful apps for e-retailers to develop their business.

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SimiCart is the first member in SimiCommerce family. Two other apps- SimiTracking and SimiPOS are under development and will be released also in March.

The only one reason for creating this blog is to share and to be shared the knowledge of technology, of mobile commerce and other related one with anyone, any organization without limitations.

SimiCart is really a M-commerce solution for Magento store proprietors to create their very own mobile appplication

Magento mobile application builder Instantly. At SimiCart, you are able to build apple iphone and android application synchronized with Magento store. Liberated to start !.

Clients ARE Relocating To MOBILE. YOU FEELING Left Out?

You’ll want magento mobile applications, immediately! Since this is the easiest method to interact and convert sales from mobile customers (Demonstrated)

Go Magento Shopping applications for mobile to improve sales much better!

SimiCart is really a solution that can help Magento Retailers build mobile shopping applications.

  • Magento retailers: Our option would be specifically created for Magento platform to get best wishes options that come with Magento to applications. If you are using an answer for each platform you are missing many good stuff.
  • Mobile shopping applications: You’ll have applications which are coded individually and particularly for apple iphone and android.

Your clients can search and download your shopping applications from Google Play and Apple stores. And again, such customized applications brings the very best consumer experience!

Please read and give your lovely comment below to let me know how useful this blog is to you. Thank you so much. Let’s share your knowledge right now!

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