In the last post, you were known about first 4 metrics to measure mobile app user engagement. The left 4 metrics will be revealed in this article, so keep reading to learn more.

Great metrics to evaluate mobile app user engagement!

Metric 5: Screen flow

Screen flow is used to track exits by screen and the flow between screen along with the total of visits to the app screen which helps to visualize the particular interactions of visitors in your app. By tracking screen flow, you can be able to know what users did on the screen as well as where they went afterward. It is used to track from the first session of users, when he/she visits the page and navigate steps later from purchasing to the checkout process.

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Screen flow can show how customers navigate in your app, so you can easily get problems that your app needs to be improved. Then there would come up with sudden questions like Does your app have multiple steps conversion or single-step? Where visitors in a funnel go instead of converting to purchasing? Screen flow also states exactly what the users who did not complete a stage did instead, allowing you to smooth the app’s flow to increase the conversion rate.

Metric 6: Acquisition rate

Acquisition rate shows the exact number of users who download and install the app. This is very important element especially when your app carries out marketing campaign through social media like facebook,…Besides, it also reveals the amount of money that you have to spend to acquire potential users plus the app downloads and what they are doing to stick with your app. If your app’s campaign cannot increase the downloads, then pump the brakes.

When running paid campaigns, it will affect directly on ROI and not just on downloads per campaign but he customer lifetime value. You can get the report of analyzing the value of acquired users against organic users. In addition, remember to implement A/B testing and promote the conversion rate through messaging campaigns.

Metric 7: Retention

Retention is also a necessary metric to measure mobile app user engagement. It is the index showing the percentage of customers returning to your app on a specific date. Retention will indicate the highlights of your most valuable and engaged customers at whom you can target to turn them into potential ones. Be sure to split the data basing on devices, campaign, segment or custom dimensions, then you test the customer retention accurately.

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Studying retention allows you to keep track with what is working on your app and what is outdated and needs improving. If your app has been updated to a new version, then you should identify whether the retention level has changed or not. The key element to funnel users converting them to purchases is building a long-term retention. Gaining  high retention will help to promote the value of each user and increase potential revenue.

Metric 8: Lifetime value

Lifetime value relates to revenue metric performing financial value of the app and how much each app user is worth. The lifetime value can be split by value per customer or average monthly value, revenue per customer as well. Lifetime value is also a non-monetary measure when you can identify the goals like articles viewed over time or levels won.

Lifetime value is used to show how much you have to spend to gain high acquisition. Moreover, it is the metric to show the value of non-mobile and mobile customers. Which user segment spends more on will be more loyal and gain bigger brand. The app RoI will also be tracked through this, so lifetime value would become the app success metric that should be concerned.

In general,

With the above 8 great metrics to measure mobile app user engagement, your business can get the most critical platforms to identify which is the brightest direction to get success. Gaining higher customer engagement will directly take effect on your app operation and drive the sales revenue in the long run. So try to keep track the customers’ retention and engagement with the above metrics, your business will gain high profit at ease.

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8 Typical Metrics To Measure Mobile App User Engagement (Part 2)
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