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The 7 steps to a customer-centric mobile strategy [infographic]

A few years ago, customer centricity did not even register among brands’ top priorities. But that’s before mobile has changed everything. By providing a better way for customers to experience brands, mobile has grown into the primary channel they use to connect with their favorite brands. When mobile opens the door for a personalized, non-intrusive outreach to your customers, it also upped the bar of what they demand from your brand. Empowered by mobile, today’s customers are loyal to brands that prioritize their needs. If your mobile game is not strong, they are likely to turn their heads to one of your competitors, seeking for a more customer-centric connection.
Today, putting customers first has become one of the key attributes to separate the leading brands from the rest. While customer expectations are rising, businesses are facing a bigger challenge. With more engagement opportunities opened by mobile, it requires an entirely new approach to shape a strong customer-centric strategy.

The 7 steps to build a customer-centric mobile strategy

To understand how customer-centric your business is and what to work on, make sure you check the below infographic. This infographic guides you through the 7 steps to a mobile strategy that puts customers at the center of your business. Actionable tips are included along the way so you can get a better idea of how to improve your customer-centric approach for maximum results.
The 7 steps to a customer-centric mobile strategy [infographic]
The 7 steps to a customer-centric mobile strategy [infographic]

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Integrating customer centricity into your mobile strategy may vary across teams but ultimately it’s all about gathering direct customer feedback and take data-backed actions upon it. The better you structure teams to work together and plan around the customers, the better experience you can offer them.


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