The world we are now living changes every day. From the day invented the first telephone, we now have 4.5 billion smartphone users globally. As more and more people using mobile devices, we are changing the way we shop, too. Whether it’s on smartphones, smartwatches or tablets, we can now browse and buy just about anything we want anywhere, anytime.

For retailers, this presents an enormous challenge as their customers are expecting a consistant shopping experience all across offline stores, conventional E-commerce websites and all devices. That’s why mobile commerce is more than just another channel – it connects all the dots together. This applies to all Magento retailors also. Extending the Magento-based E-commerce website into a magento mobile app is a must with any retailor who wants to succeed in M-commerce. Like the title said, SimiCart ideally is the best solution to your M-commerce strategy. Please, find out the 7even reasons with this following infographic.

info 7 reasons to build your magento mobile app with simicart

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7 even reasons to build Magento Mobile Apps with SimiCart (Infographic)
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