Christmas is coming to town. The very last sale season of this year so here is the moment for us to go shopping!

However, what if we can go out and buy something because we are a bit busy. Is there any solution? Yes, we have mobile shopping app. Mobile shopping app becomes a significant trend in recent years and attracts millions of customers. There are many advantages of mobile shopping app compared to site shopping and shopping in the stores. Firstly, it is faster. The time we can choose and buy a product is shorter than ever, just by some clicks. Secondly, we love interactions and rewards. Mobile shopping app gives us a beautiful interface to interact, smooth movement to touch and also effective arranged products. Mobile visual search technology changes the way we go shopping. Today, the latest mobile app technology is turning smartphone users into smart shoppers as well.

christmas best mobile shopping app
Christmas is coming, let’s go shopping

In here, we introduce 6 best mobile shopping apps that help you purchase much easier with a suitable price this Christmas.


RedLaser is a free mobile shopping and barcode-scanning app. The birth of ReLaser turns barcode scanning into a new higher level.

Rather than squandering time scanning for better arrangements online while shopping in-store, buyers can utilize RedLaser to check standardized tag and look at costs among a huge number of online retailers and neighborhood block and-mortar stores.

Other features include the capacity to save and track most loved items and stores, receives push notifications for exceptional arrangements, digitally oversee loyalty cards and buy things through the application. RedLaser is likewise retailer-accommodating. Stores can have their own particular profile pages in the application, where customers can get week by week brochures and see the changes in a particular spot.

red laser- best mobile shopping app
Red Laser- mobile shopping app helps you scan the product quickly

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Pounce has the force of picture acknowledgment with the comfort of mobile payments.

With Pounce, customers can take a photo of a product from print promotions, and then purchase the item straightforwardly from the retailer through the application in only two or three taps. Pounce makes purchasing from a cell telephone simpler than any other time because customers just need to input their data once. The application spares Visa data, contact data, and shipping addresses, making the purchasing handle a breeze.

For retailers, Pounce takes care of the issue of abandoned deals. Comparative applications normally disappoint customers by diverting them to a retailer’s site — which is not generally direct — to create a buy. Therefore, customers must sort in their data on a minor screen every time.

Square Wallet

Square Wallet is the wallet-less, phoneless approach to pay: clients can simply look into a business and pay by using just their name and a selfie.

Square Wallet works by associating the application with a client’s credit card and a picture. To utilize Square Wallet, clients first connect their credit card and up their photographs. At that point, they can either utilize the application to physically check in each time they visit to store or turn on auto-check at the place they visit. To buy a product, clients essentially give the clerk their name, and the clerk will confirm the picture of customers.

Platform: iOS


Mallzee is one of the best mobile shopping application that coordinates social and online shopping — all while offering customers a solution with avoiding a faux pas. Mallzee does two things: it suggests styles that clients will love, then lets friends vote regardless of whether a client ought to purchase a specific thing.

Firstly, clients discover things from more than 200 interest brands, for example, Urban Outfitters,  ASOS,  and French Connection, then buy the product or spare it for a later time. The more customers use the application, the more the application learn and prescribe the favorite styles. To make shopping somewhat more fun, Mallzee lets clients ask friends whether the products will make them look nice or bad.

Platform: iOS.

Google Shopper

  1. 6 best mobile shopping app google shopper
    Google Shopper, one of the best app to choose this Christmas

Google Shopper mobile shopping app gives data like costs, surveys, videos and a greater amount number of items right on your cell phone, remembering them by means of barcodes, voice, content hunt or even cover. You can compare two products easily and purchase them online.

Platform: iOS | Android


Want to buy a special gift on Christmas? Welcome to the world’s biggest commercial center right on your cell phone. Like what the Website does, clients can purchase and offer things, look at costs, set up notices and offer notifications to stay in contact with the buyers.

Platform: iOS | Android | Windows

Let’s choose your best mobile shopping app!

If your firms want to make a best mobile shopping app to attract customers this Christmas, SimiCart is a good choice. has the plugins which help you apply almost all features of shopping apps above, from payment method, Barcode to user themes. Try the mobile shopping app here.

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6 best mobile shopping apps for you this Christmas
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