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5 great ways to earn Reward Points with SimiCart Loyalty Program

Knowing that the key to get value is to give value, SimiCart now has a point rewarding system in place to deliver our dear customers a special experience. Typically each 1 point can be redeemed for 1$. You can use your reward points to purchase SimiCart products and services that boost your business growth.
SimiCart has made it easy for our customers to track progress and maximize earnings with our loyalty program. Simply log in to your account dashboard and go to My Rewards from the left panel. Here you can explore our great rewards and easily manage your point transactions.
How to earn points - SimiCart Loyalty Program
Whether you’re a long-term SimiCart customer or a new comer, there’re always a chance for you to earn rewards with SimiCart. In this post, we’ll show you some great ways to get the most out of SimiCart Loyalty Program and benefit your business:

5 ways to earn reward points with SimiCart Loyalty Program

1. Register an account with SimiCart

With SimiCart Loyalty Program, your earnings don’t stop with making purchases. By registering your SimiCart account, you already earn yourself 20 points to redeem on later purchases of our products and services. If you haven’t created your account with SimiCart, you can easily do that by fill your information and submit a demo request here. We’ll get back to you with a demo of requested product and your account information.

2. Subscribe to SimiCart newsletter

Joining SimiCart mailing list is a super easy way to get rewarded. Plus, you can get insightful commerce trends, best practices or our exclusive offers right in your inbox once every week. First, you need to log in to your SimiCart account. In My Rewards page from your dashboard account, click on the Subscribe button under the How to Earn Points section. After that, you’ll be able to see a pop-up message confirming that your email contact has been successfully subscribed to our mailings. So before even making any purchases, you can earn an extra 20-point reward in seconds by subscribing to our newsletter.
Subscribe to earn points Subscribe to earn points - SimiCart Loyalty Program

3. Purchase SimiCart products and services

It’s simple: You earn 1 point for each 20$ spent on purchasing our products and services. Our point rewarding system allows you to maximize value by saving an unlimited number of points on your order. This reward program applies for all of SimiCart current packages, products and services. So you can be sure to make the best of every purchase with us and fuel your business.
Earn points - SimiCart Loyalty Program
Make sure you’re logged in before heading to checkout to have extra reward points accumulated into your SimiCart account. You can easily track your added points from past purchase and manage all rewards in one intuitive dashboard. To view your reward history, go to Point transactions. Here you can view all reward records by point status, created date and expiring date,..

4. Publish a review of SimiCart product on Magento Marketplace

As SimiCart is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services, we always value feedback from our customers. For each review of our product on Magento Marketplace, a whopping 50-point reward will be added to your SimiCart account as a thank-you. If you’re able to leave us a review, follow these simple steps:
1, Go to Magento Marketplace and log in with your Magento account
2, Install one of SimiCart products (for free) from Magento Marketplace
3, After verifying your order, Magento Marketplace will send you an email with a link to review our product. Click on the link and you can submit your review to Magento.
Once the review is published, you will have our reward points added to your SimiCart account, which can be handily tracked from Point transactions in your reward page.

5. Continue your SimiCart license

To express our thanks to all long-term customers, SimiCart is motivated to provide you a special reward experience: You can now earn big rewards by doing what you already do. For each of your 1-year period of SimiCart license, you can earn your way toward a huge reward of 200 points. When your license reaches another year, your reward will be automatically added to your SimiCart account.
SimiCart Loyalty Program provides you some great ways to earn tons of points and enjoy unlimited benefits. The final step is to spend your points on the next purchase with SimiCart. You can simply do that by applying your points at checkout:
Apply Reward Points - SimiCart Loyalty Program
As always, remember to stay signed in with your SimiCart account to get access to your reward points and track your earning/ spending details in real time.
Point Transactions - SimiCart Loyalty Program

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