These days, whether you have brick and mortal stores or e-store, you definitely need to equip your store with a point of sale system especially a mobile POS app. However, there are so many free POS apps and paid POS software available in the market that it is quite difficult to select the best suitable one for your store.

Magento mobile application deverlopment
Simicart – magento in a mobile app !

In fact, you only need to pay attention to these following features that all mobile POS app MUST have:

1. Quick pick:

A mobile POS apps without quick pick is just like an airplane without its wings. It is because this feature is the key factor to reduce the time for checkout process. In details, it helps sales staff to select products faster just by tapping the products without any other steps.

2. Quick search:

Just imagine when you have to find a product among thousands in your store and you will find out how important It is for a mobile POS apps to have a quick search feature. With quick search, all you need is to type the SKU or name of product and less than a second, it will appear on the screen.

3. Peripheral devices support:

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What happen if your mobile POS apps cannot work well with card reader or printer? Many store owners these days often pay less attention to this issue though it has a considerable impact.

4. CRM integration

CRM is one of the most essential elements of a successful retail store, therefore, it is obviously better if a mobile POS app integrate with CRM system. How convenient it is if you can contact directly with your customers and thus generate sales everywhere at any time.

5. Inventory management

Last but not least, inventory needs taking into consideration. Mobile POS apps with inventory management will assist you to manage in and out- of- stock products.

To sum up, these above features should be kept in mind whenever you have to choose a mobile POS apps. If you are still confused, you’d better try our SimiPOS.


5 MUST-HAVE Features for all Mobile POS apps
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