The launch of a Magento mobile app is totally meaningless if it does not appear at the top search ranking in App store. App store optimization for Magento app seems to be an integral part in m-commerce business. Whether your app is successful or not depends mostly on the position of your app that appears on App store. The higher you stand, the more likely your app will be downloaded.

app store optimization for magento app

In the App store, the app purpose is not just generating app traffic, but making sure to be discovered by most customers – loyal ones who  just not only visit the app page but also decide to install your app. It is not about traffic but the conversion rate. App store optimization, in fact, is an inevitable mission for every single app wishing to stand on top.

Let’s start by highlighting some of the core components of App Store Optimization in general:


  • Title
  • Description
  • Localization


  • Icons
  • Video trailer
  • Demo version (screenshot)

Off-Site Factors

  • Number of downloads
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Price

Due to the difference in search algorithms, it’s necessary to have a separate look at the two main app stores:

  • Apple App Store Optimization
  • Google Play App Store Optimization

Greatest tips to App store optimization for Magento  shopping app

Keyword research

Keywords in the app name have the biggest impact on app store search rankings. ASO, in fact, is the way to SEO keyword of the app in app store.

app store optimization keyword

The study has proved that there is 10.3% increase in the ranking when there is a keyword in the title. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not use special characters, if not your app may not be indexed by google.
  • Pay attention to the first 25 crucial characters as they will appear first when you scroll in the search result.
  • A keyword that is duplicated with an existing one will be flagged for duplication
  • Do not include category name in your app names
  • Take notice of keyword cannibalization

App description

The next important thing is the app description. You may want to use the keyword in this description. Even though you do not have a blog or site to boost the app, you still can utilize the keyword to make it appear first in-app store. Now, there are limited with 4000 characters so be sure the description is clear and to the point at ease.

App icon

app store optimization app icon

It seems small but extremely important. One icon should be both attractive, eye-catching, trendy but still professional and trustworthy for mobile users. It is also the symbol of your brand, so make sure it is simple but still positioning your brand well. Be different! It may help increase the downloads and ratings of your app.

Demo version

It may be the screenshot of the demo version of the app. Coz people always hope to see the demo before paying the fee for the app, so the screenshot of your app is really crucial. It works really like the video on your app: the less mystery, the better it is.

App video trailer

app store optimization video trailer

Whenever opening an app in app store, you will see a short video shown at the bottom of the page to show the most unique features of the app in the fastest way. It is the first impression on customers’ mind, so make the short clip, usually in animation style. Besides, make it looks funny and a bit supernatural, your app will reach the top position fast.

App price

There are so many free apps available, so ask for customers to pay for an app is quite insane. However, put your price tag on the product that makes sense and carry out special campaign during holidays. If your app is on sale, make it your PR plan and get featured on “apps gone free” post.

App rating and reviews

app store optimization app rating and reviews

This is where the users can rate the app, give feedback and leave a comment. As you may see, the earning of app reviews is very similar to SEO. The more reviews and good rates, the more downloads your app may gain. Such good comments also convince more customers to download the app and raise the rank of your app. So ask loyal customers to leave their positive feeling and “5 stars”, your app will obtain high rank.

Final thoughts,

With all the simple tricks of app store optimization for Magento app above, your app will be optimized intensively and the top position will become real for your app. Hence, the number of downloads will increase sharply. But keep in mind that be trustworthy, building a good brand and be high quality enough, your Magento shopping app will certainly be the first must-have app for every customer.

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5 Great Tips To App Store Optimization For Magento App
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