[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]It’s a huge challenge for developers or sellers to make their apps prominent. The easiest way to make it done is to integrate unique features into the apps.

Thanks to the advantages of mobile apps, there are an increasing number of mobile shopping apps to promote sales. It is a huge challenge for developers or sellers to make their apps prominent to draw the customers’ attention and their engagement. The easiest way to make it done is to integrate exciting and unique features into the apps.

4 latest features of shopping apps

4 new features of mobile shopping apps that enhance customer shopping experience.

  1. Personalized, customized offers

Every seller should know the value of letting customers create their own unique products to enhance customer loyalty and engagement. In fact, product customization helps the sellers to boost sales on their own websites. This is still true when applied in mobile devices with shopping applications.

The sellers can provide truly personalized offers by syncing customers’ shopping lists, wishlists and favorites with their app then send personalized offers to them. This feature of shopping app can help the sellers foster customer engagement.

  1. In-Store Pick uplatest features of mobile shopping apps instore pick up

The feature In-Store Pick up is becoming more popular with customers who want to pick up their products at a real store. In reality, it lets them buy items in mobile apps and then pick up by themselves.

Thanks to this feature, both customers and sellers can reduce expenses, particularly shipping and scheduled delivery charges. It also helps the customers get the order faster. As soon as a customer place an order, the store staff will make sure that the order is ready. It also notifies customers about their online order being ready for pickup. This saves the customer a lot of time and the seller is able to provide a greater experience to the shopper.

  1. Product Finder

In large stores, where finding a product or a particular aisle can be difficult, this feature will surely be helpful.

Feature Product Finder lets a customer’s fingers do the walking. This means that when entering a store, customers just need to search for the products they want the-the app will show them exactly the location of the items. Thus, the customers will not waste time wandering in the store to find among the aisles.

  1. In-Store Navigationfeatures of mobile shopping apps in-store navigation

This is another great feature to locate various aisles and specific products that customers need. It is much easier for the sellers to enable in-store navigation within the store as it helps accurately locate the position of customers in a store.

In-store Navigation helps users find each product on the customer’s shopping list and locate it across the store.

Make your own shopping app with unique features!

There are more and more handy features integrated into mobile shopping apps to serve their customers better. To catch up with the trend, developers and sellers must always keep their apps up-to-date and optimize the customer shopping experiences by adding many unique and creative features in the apps.

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4 latest features of mobile shopping apps
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