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(Magento mobile option)- In the booming era of mobile, when 63% of people expect to be doing more shopping on their mobile devices over the next couple years ( Latitude, 2012), it’s easy to understand why so many e-commerce merchants want to go mobile.

Certainly, Magento businessmen can’t stand out the wave.  But the right path does not end here. There are many Magento mobile options and you have to choose the most optimized one for you. Which of the mobile optimization methods is the best for your Magento business?

This short article will reveal the answer you need. Keep reading on!

1. Responsive Magento theme

A website with a responsive design can adjust to fit any screen size, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The website elements simply shrink or expand and rearrange themselves to fit on a device.

If you choose to go with a responsive design, you don’t necessarily have to redesign your website. Instead, responsive functionality can be applied to your current web design.

Option 1: Responsive design for Magento mobile optimization strategies

Magento mobile option: responsive theme or mobile site, mobile app is the best ?

The Pros

  • A single website. It’s easier to manage one website for all devices.
  • Compatibility.  As the content simply adjusts to fit the size of mobile devices, a responsive theme always fit all the smartphone and tablet model
  • One URL. This makes sure your users will find you on mobile devices without having to wait for redirects.
  • Low cost.

The Cons

  • User Experience. Mobile is a completely different experience than desktop, so having a single, even responsive website may harm your overall UX on both platforms. E.g., the navigation on the mobile should be much simple to follow.

This option, using a responsive Magento theme, can be achieved in two ways. The first is to buy a Magento responsive / mobile Theme and install it on your Magento store. Here is the list of high-score themes on MagentoCommerce you may consider. The second is to ask some solution agency to customize a theme for you.

2. Mobile website

A mobile site is basically a scaled-down version of your main website. A mobile site works by redirecting smartphone and tablet users to the mobile version of your site, built on a separate domain  (eg,
Mobile site for Magento mobile optimization strategiesMagento mobile option – mobile site

The pros

  • User experience. You have a website that is specifically optimized for mobile devices with beautiful and usable UX
  • Speed. Your website will load fast and easily on mobile platforms.
  • Accessibility. Users can access via browser on mobile immediately. They do not need to download or install like native apps.

The Cons

  • Multiple URLs. Your customer has to remember at least two URLs, or otherwise be redirected to the mobile website, which takes several seconds.
  • Maintenance. You will have to maintain two websites with 2 different contents
  • Compatibility problem.  A single mobile website won’t look and work the same way across all device types.

To build a mobile web, you can ask for a solution agency. Based on your desire for functionality, the look and feel they will calculate the exact price for you. But normally, it will cost more than that of a website building.

3. Mobile App

A native app is a software specifically developed for a mobile operating system in its native language. It is deeply connected with the operating system of mobile devices and should be publicized via apps marketplace ( like Apple store or Google Play,..) Users have to download the app and install it on their mobile device.

The greatest thing about apps is that they are flexible and let you have not only the same stuff that is on the desktop website, but also employ awesome mobile-specific features such as the use of camera, click-to-call buttons, location detected, contacts or galleries etc…
Mobile app is an option for Magento mobile optimization strategies

Magento mobile option – Mobile app is the best for your store?

The Pros

  • User experience. Native apps can have better UX than any other mobile optimization solution.
  • Accessibility and speed. Written in its language, the app runs directly on users’ mobile device, so it runs fast, smoothly.
  • Rich features. Mobile platform, especially with touch screen navigation, gives you a mass of features to work with in order to provide excellent UX.
  • Visibility. Once a user has installed your app on a mobile device, it stays there, showing up with its unique icon in the apps menu.

The Cons

  • Accessibility depended on devices. Your app is built only for a particular operating system and this means it will not operate on devices with different OS.
  • Complicated updating process. All application updates will have to be submitted and approved by the app store every time, which can take up to a few weeks. Not every user will be happy with frequent updates and some will stay with the older version anyway.
  • Cost. Native mobile app development is clearly the most expensive solution
  • There are two ways for you to get a mobile app for your Magento store. The first and of course the most expensive one is to ask a solution agency to build an app for you.
  • They will tailor the app according to your desire and offer you a price. Remember to check the price is for one operating system or all. The second one is to use an automatic app builder platform, like SimiCart, which is a great movement in app development industry. It’s quite cheap in comparison with the first one, but please make sure that it can integrate with your Magento store before paying any penny.

Your turn

How about you? Which options are you using for your Magento store? We love to hear it in the box below.

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Magento mobile option : 3 options for your optimization strategy
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