Mobile marketing is one of the dynamic and effective channels for merchants to get the chances of reaching out to mobile users, gain brand awareness and increase the effectiveness of its cross media advertisements. However, while marketing has never been easy, mobile marketing has made it more difficult, it is even a big challenge because of the small screen size. Many businesses have plan to harness the power of  mobile marketing, but many are making mistakes that impact user experience and user engagement. Here are a few common pitfalls that help your business avoid the mistakes and launch a successful mobile marketing campaign.

#1 Resize desktop screen for mobile users

Too many brands just use responsive theme to resize and deliver the full desktop version for mobile users, with the same content and  the same features. In fact, mobile users don’t care if your site is responsive site or mobile site, they just expect an experience tailored to mobile. They are not patient enough to wait loading time or read lengthy content in a small screen.

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Nancy’s Beauty app is the great example of a shopping app that is perfectly mobile optimized. With its large buttons for ease of use, outstanding colors, visual appeal, and emphasis on the price and call-to-action button, this app is truly fit for mobile.

magento mobile app built with simicart

Nancy’s Beauty app is the great example of a shopping app that is perfectly mobile optimized.
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#2 Run mobile marketing campaign without mobile shopping apps

Merchants who think it’s not neccessary to have mobile shopping apps because responive or mobile-friendly sites are enought are missing the huge potential apps have over HTML-based sites. Geo-location, cameras, sensors, augmented reality, 3D gaming… these are potential game-changers that already exist natively in mobile apps — features you won’t find on a traditional website. Besides, mobile marketing features available only in mobile shopping apps are the great things you will miss

5 reasons to build Magento mobile app


#3 Build mobile shopping app without launch campaign or promotional strategy

Building mobile shopping apps without having any sort of promotional strategy for its delivery is also a big and common mistake. Your customers do not always search and find your mobile app among thousands of apps on the Google Play or in the app store. Companies with existing web presences and customer database can take advantage of their assets to promote their new apps. Use all of marketing channels from social media to email list, new landing page to let your customers know about your app. does a great job to promote their app right on their homepage with an awesome videos, attractive screenshots and larget download button for both iOS and Android.

Mobile shopping Apps of does a great job to promote their app right on their homepage.
See showcase of apps built with SimiCart here

Tygamall, on the other hand, put the links at the bottom of their website with the recognizable app store logo link to its download page.
TygaMall Online Shopping Get More. Pay Less. Lowest Price Guarantee.

Tygamall put the links with clear call-to-action to download the app.
See showcase of apps built with SimiCart here

In addition,you can drive usage of mobile applications through mobile advertising directly on the devices where the app or site will be used or downloaded.

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3 big and common mistakes in mobile marketing
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