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10 Best Magento 2 Websites

Since its release, Magento 2 gave merchants the opportunity to grow their brands using the most advanced e-commerce technology in the market.

By combining rich, built-in features with performance enhancements and out-of-the-box marketing tools in the latest release of Magento 2, the platform continues to deliver the industry’s leading e-commerce solution.

Empowered by the advanced platform and its capabilities, a growing number of Magento merchants are moving their online stores to the newest version.

10 Best Magento 2 Examples Websites that You Can Learn From

Take a look at the best Magento 2 examples websites from real brands to see how the platform has transformed customer experience and accelerated business growth across industries:

1. Cox & Cox

The fast-growing online homeware, furniture, and textiles retailer realized they needed to upgrade their Magento Commerce 1 to support their progress.

To streamline their eCommerce store, Cox & Cox needed a flexible, powerful platform packed full of features. The brand decided to upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 in August of 2016. While upgrading their technologies, Cox & Cox can take advantage of the new web design at the same time.

The webstore with visual, structured navigation and simple Magento 2 checkout, is now easier to use and navigate while showing off beautiful imagery. Accordingly, the new site experienced an increase in average session duration and a 36.5 percent increase in pages per session.


2. Sigma Beauty

The beauty innovator Sigma Beauty planned to rebrand their entire site starting in 2018. Their current platform is not flexible enough to support their aggressive revenue goals for the years to come.

Sigma Beauty saw the need for a scalable platform to get them to market fast and create an engaging experience for both beauty enthusiasts and global retailers. That’s the reason why they chose Magento 2 for rebranding both their B2C and B2B online experiences.

Moving to the new B2C site, they reduce load times to 3+ seconds faster and the improved site performance enabled images to render quickly.

To streamline the online experience for their B2B customers, Magento Commerce 2 enables the brand to offer different prices on separate storefronts which can be managed from one admin panel. This improved customer experience keeps Sigma Beauty’s shoppers engaged and reduce 15% in bounce rate.


3. Boodles

For a fine jewelry company with a long history like Boodles, keeping up with modern trends and the latest technology is a must. Their existing platform was holding Boodles back and didn’t support an omnichannel experience.

The new website needed to connect the Boodles in-store and online experience, making it easy for customers to view specific pieces online and book an in-store appointment directly to store staff. So it was crucial for Boodles to upgrade to Magento 2 Open Source platform.

The upgrade would enable a mobile-first brand redesign while boosting site speed, and allowing Boodles to expand into new, global markets.

Magento 2 drives Boodles users from browsing high-value jewels online to making an appointment for an in-store viewing. Since upgrading to Magento Open Source 2, Boodles’ total sales revenue rose by 175 percent.


4. Bulk

The British-based company needed a platform to spin-up dozens of international stores and help their global expansion with different currencies and languages, while providing the best customer experience – even during peak times.

Upgrading to Magento Commerce 2, Bulk launched new web stores in dozens of locations: France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden. Migration to the Magento Commerce cloud environment has given the webstore the agility to meet unexpected demand, providing a lightning-fast experience regardless of visitor volume, in any territory.

Since the migration, the brand has enjoyed a strong year-over-year lift in conversions. Pages now load 32 percent faster, which has helped to lift conversion rates in the UK by 17.4 percent.

5. The New Craftsmen

Unlike many other sites, The New Craftsmen’s vision is unique, which is to bring their crafts to the forefront of the user experience and to showcase their exception works in the tiniest detail. For crafts of The New Craftsmen’s quality, it’s not only about the product but also the inspiration and the processes, the narratives behind it that matters.

And in order for all this to be made possible, Magento 2 was chosen as a solid foundation for their seamless, offline-available customer journey. An omnichannel approach was also applied in order to drive growth and awareness of the workshop and their events.

Since its relaunch with Magento 2 in 2018, the brand went from success to success; their revenues and overall customer satisfaction both skyrocketed and show no sign of slowing down.

The New Craftsmen
The New Craftsmen

6. MRP

Mr. Price Group is one of the fastest-growing fashion retailers in South Africa. With an eye toward greater growth, MRP decided to look for a more flexible and cost-effective enterprise platform.

And Magento Commerce 2 offered just what they needed.

MRP had a single framework created for the brand’s three divisions: apparel, home, and sport, each with best-in-class user experience. The site was able to incorporate important B2C and B2B features as gift registry, lookbooks, style guides, bundles and configurable products, eVouchers, multi-currency support, global shipping and full integration with MRP Money service.

Mr. Price Group also integrated its webstores with its brick and mortar stores for a fully omnichannel experience.


7. Kurt Geiger

British fashion footwear retailer Kurt Geiger selected as the first property to move to the Magento Commerce 2 platform due to its performance and scalability. They needed to deliver a highly personalized site that could scale to support their growth goals while providing a unique online shopping experience.Magento Commerce 2 allowed Kurt Geiger to leverage the new checkout process “out-of-the-box” and enhance the shopping experience. It was exactly what the team needed to remove a known conversion barrier by making “guest checkout” the assumed preference for the shopper.

The responsive design reference themes were also a big bonus for Kurt Geiger’s in-house designers. They love the themes because the design is easy to implement and flexible.

kurt geiger

8. Lladró

Lladró, the Spanish porcelain company specializing in hand-crafted figurines, was met with a need to expand their global digital presence back in 2018; and naturally, Magento was their first choice due to the platform’s inherent flexibility and scalability.

To achieve their goal of driving revenue through better shopping experiences, the brand looked for ways to implement new features and improve on the existing checkout flow. As a result, the new site which was launched with enhanced gallery, product pages, and friction-free checkout flow, was seen as a prime case study of experience-driven commerce.

After nine months since the new site was launched, they observed a 27 percent increase in online revenue and another 44 percent increase in online conversion. And since mobile is the future, the site did make some improvements on the mobile shopping experience as well, and saw mobile revenue rose by 18 percent as a result.

The successes of Lladró aren’t limited to just these, of course. The site also found that their marketing team, after the launch, has to spend less time managing the website and the product catalog. Content management is now significantly easier and to the point of effortless, with much of the routine work having now been automated.

9. Catbird

Often seen wearing on celebrities, Catbird’s jewelry has always been “the go-to for cool-girl jewelry”. However, as with the majority of brands, Catbird struggled to provide a meaningful experience for mobile buyers. Their former Magento 1 site—while functional—was not enough for their end goal of providing an elegant, yet fun and functional mobile commerce experience. So, naturally, Magento Commerce 2 was their first choice for an exceptional and robust online shopping experience.

“We needed better storytelling through content pages, high-quality product detail pages, and a more intuitive navigation to help cultivate our customer base, and communicate our vision.”

— Anna Mikkelsen, eCommerce Director at Catbird.

After the new launch of their website, the on-site shopping experience for mobile users was indeed overhauled. The new navigation is more streamlined and straightforward, while still emphasizing on media content which is their main selling point. Checking out is also a breeze with Magento 2, as Catbird buyers now have more options to Instant Checkout, or pay with PayPal Express Checkout and other payment methods.

With such subtle changes, the brand did observe significant changes in overall conversions (17 percent) — and especially for the mobile front, the brand witnessed a healthy 39 percent growth in mobile revenue, proving that the campaign was a step in the right direction.

10. Tom Dixon

Iconic British Furniture Designer Tom Dixon saw the need for an eCommerce site that could visually express his brand while delivering immersive customer experience.

Magento Commerce 2 empowered the brand’s passion and creativity and apply it to the online experience. High-quality content and imagery drive the look and feel of the new site, which is structured around specific customer experiences: Shop, Spaces, and Stories.

‘Shop’ was designed toward the idea that customers should never be too far away from product details and their shopping cart.

‘Spaces’ was inspired by the concept that interior designers and their customers want to see products in restaurants, hotels, offices, and bars. Using Magento Commerce, the brand created its own version of Pinterest to showcase the products in real-world spaces.

‘Stories’ is a modern approach to traditional brand-focused blogs, driven by customer demand for rich content that puts products into context.

The overall effect allowed Tom Dixon to create a best-in-class shopping experience that allowed his customers to immerse themselves in each family of products and material groups.

Tom Dixon

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