B2B Made Easy on Magento with Our Solution

B2B buyers have different demands and expectations compared to B2C buyers. With our solutions, you can handle those needs at ease.

Restrict unauthorized audiences from accessing B2B products

Assign different pricing tiers and tax rules for other buyer groups, hide prices and force users to log in before they can see the price and purchase

customer login page

Hide Price/Page

  • Hide individual pages or the entire site from the non-logged-in
  • Grant access to particular categories or CMS pages based on the customer group
  • Hide price for guests and only enable logged-in customers to see price

Encourage Customers To Sign In

  • Encourage passers-by to register and purchase at your company
  • Require users to log in before they can browse your product listings

Create diversified B2B pricing to optimize the negotiation process

B2B clients are more price-sensitive than B2C. Ideally, our Magento 2 B2B module will help you hone your pricing policy to avoid offending any customers

hidden pricing

Fasten the negotiation process and request for a quote system

  • Hone hidden pricing strategy to maintain competitiveness with rivals
  • Modify different prices for different customer groups to bring personalization into B2B

Boost sales with fast and convenient purchasing options & checkout process

Offer your B2B buyers flexible options to make their purchase convenient. Simplify the purchasing process after logging in

wholesale fast order

Bulk Order Placement

  • Optimize the process to raise customer satisfaction and commitment
  • Display a neat table for configurable products
  • Allow wholesalers to leverage wishlist for better purchasing plans and repeated order stimulation
  • Smooth reorder step to show your professionalism
clarify checkout

Clarify Checkout

  • Limit specific shipping and payment methods for selected customer groups
  • Create a custom shipping method for each country and region to heat the checkout rates of particular areas

Build Relationships with B2B Customers

With Magento 2 B2B extension, you can collect the needed information to manage corporate data better, segment customers and deploy appropriate marketing campaigns. Also, Magento 2 store credit will help you avoid the bulky and lengthy money-back policy and keep clients on the next purchase

customer attributes

Collect Customer Data

  • Offer a distinct B2B registration form to improve consumer segmentation
  • Gather more information about the customer, such as their address, identity, interests, and behavior
  • Specify business accounts and multiple users to assist in more creatively managing team members and responsibilities
  • By giving consumers to sales representatives for more outstanding care, you may maintain a positive working connection
store credit

Refund Customer Through Store Credit

  • Refund store credits to B2B clients' accounts for their subsequent purchases to encourage them to return and continue buying

Let’s see what is the best option for your business

We offer a diversified pricing plan to suit each B2B store's demands. Also, a custom solution for the specific needs of your business is available

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