App Dedicated Coupon - Monthly

Rewarding customers with discount code in some special occasions? You can do it on website as well as on your app. Let's prolong your list of loyal customers with amazing coupon code!

$3.99 / month
(*) This plugin only works on SimiCart app. You need to purchase SimiCart to get this plugin.


Customers still hesitate to purchase? A discount might encourage them to pick your product instantly. Your store's number of abandoned cart is too high? You can send these customers coupon code to remind and stimulate them to complete checkout. Or you can offer coupons to new customers to promote them make their first orders. You see, coupon code can increase conversion rate, definitely. Now you can use it on website as well as on the app with SimiCart Coupon Code feature.

After you launch a new coupon code, you can offer it for your customers via push notification then they will use this code to get the discounts.

Outstanding Features

  • Run smoothly on Android, iPhone & iPad
  • Coupon can be applied in website and app
  • Easy to configure and use
  • User-friendly interface