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Simply build stunning Magento apps. Effortlessly sell faster & manage better.

Every deal. Every day.

No Payment. No Hidden Charges. Great Performances on both Android & iOS

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An overall customer-driven app for sales, marketing and support

In your Magento apps, SimiCart connects the 4S to make your customer's shopping experience smooth and strong


Make every customer's touchpoint

lead to your apps


Significantly grow customer’s loyalty

4s Features


Be available every moment that

your customers need


Make your customers “WOW”

at the first sight

Business intelligence for scaling business

We empower your Magento mobile business by integrating all-in-one analysis and management tools into your apps

Simi Sales Assistant

Like its name, Simi Sales Assistance is an add-on service that helps you close more deals on the move and track sales performance anytime & anywhere.

SmartAnalytics System

With our Smart Analytics System, say goodbye to guessing, say "YES" to revealing customer insights. It will assist you to make smart and data-driven decisions.

Trusted by Magento
SimiCart is proud to become an official Magento
technology partner. Let your app be built by our
seasoned Magento developer in no time.

Customization makes products stand out.

Differentiation makes your brand unique.

Quickly and cost-effectively build the apps that distinguish your brand from others and delight your customers. No coding-skills required, no developer hiring needed. So SimiCart helps you save tons of dollar in customizing your Magento apps.

4s Features

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No Payment. No Hidden Charges. Great Performances on both Android & iOS

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