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With deep understanding and unlimited possibility for Magento platforms, SimiCart is trusted to
build top-quality shopping app that no other providers can offer you.
Native app is proven to be the best solution for your e-store
on mobile. Native apps engage and retain your customers in a
way that no other mobile platforms can do:
  • Customer support and loyalty programs done better
  • Smooth shopping experiences across mobile devices
  • Build strong brand awareness and better accessibility

A native app embraces the capability to include more advanced features

With SimiCart, having your own multi-functional app is no longer a demanding task.


Send unlimited automatic and
personalized notifications to your


Locate and get directions to the
nearest store, or view store's
information and contact in no time


Effortlessly win customer's heart by
delivering the best services.


Keep customers returning to your
app by allowing them to save points
for the next purchase


All-in-one analysis and management
tools are integrated into your apps.


Fully integrated with the most popular
and secure payment gateways

From zero to your dream app

SimiCart offers endless possibility to strengthen brand image and
keep it on top of every customer' mind
Quickly and cost-effectively build the apps that best match your
brand and enhance awareness to more customers. No coding-
skills required, no developer hiring needed. Just leave the work to
us and save tons of money. With the capabilities to turn even the
wildest idea into reality, our experienced professionals can build
your dream app in no time.
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Seamlessly integrate with all Magento platforms

Trusted by Magento

SimiCart is proud to become an official Magento
Technology Partner. Let your app be built by our
seasoned Magento developer in no time.
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