Bloom your mobile business today

The app you need, the solution you want. Refine, Rise and Repeate...


Capture your customers all the way down the line.
Everywhere they go: Facebook,Google or Websites,
all take them right to your app.

Google Deeplink

A product search from Google can lead
your customer to the same product located
within your app.

Facebook Promote App

Prompt your customer to download the
app when scrolling through your facebook
ads. Once click and your app will never
leave their phone.

Website Promote App

Give your customers options to either
continue browsing or, better yet, download
the app on a prompt message. Combine it
with a campaign and start counting $.


Effortlessly win customer's heart by delivering
the best services. Make all communication
channels available at your customer's hand:
call, text, email, live chat and more.

Instant Contact

By one tap your customers can instantly keep
in touch with you via email, call or message.

Zopim Chat

Creates a personal connection with
customers looking for support.

Intercom Chat

Chat with your customers in real-time, and
continue conversations with email if they leave.


Provide your customers fantastic shopping experiences
worth shopping spree. Knock out all barriers blocking
your customer's way to check out.

Voice Search

Just press the microphone icon in the top bar,
your customers can easily search for their
desired products by speaking.

Product Label

Effortlessly catch customer's attention with
attractive labels like 'Hot','New', "Best
Seller"... You can edit or add new label for
each particular marketing campaign.


Sometimes shoppers are not ready to order,
but want to remember the product for future
purchase. Wishlist helps them save their
favourite products and share with others on
social media.

Store Locator

Handily navigate customers to your offline
stores. Build a Store Locator page like
Bestbuy, Tesco or StarBucks in minutes.

Address Autofill

Your customers do not need to type and fill
out all fields. Simply locate on a map and
the address will be automatically filled.

Quick Checkout

Your customers can easily checkout as guests,
existing or new customers. Customize check
out fields with ease. Simply a checkout
experience worth checking out!


Keep your customers returning repeatedly for more. No
rival can ever enter your customer's perception as they
love shopping in your apps with magnetic features

App Coupon

Send coupon code to the right people, in
the right place, at the right time.

Reward Point

Start your magnetic reward program to call
customers back.

Referral Program

Allow your customer to get bonus points
by sharing or referring your products
to their friends.

There are more... Get instant product tour with your own eyes